Futuristic ship Vindskip - sailing ship of the XXI century

The Norwegian shipbuilding company Lade AS presented the project of the sailing ship of the future - Vindskip. It combines the power of the wind with space technology. The special design of the hull transforms the vessel into a symmetrical aerodynamic profile that creates lift during movement.

The Vindskip developers envisage the creation of hybrid merchant ships based on natural gas or propelled by an electric propulsion system. The engines accelerate the ship to the required speed, and then the aerodynamic lifting force comes into play, as if giving the ship a second wind.

The duties of the navigator will be performed by an on-board computer equipped with special navigation programs. Continuously receiving weather reports and processing them, it will plot the best route, taking into account the strength of the tailwind.

According to the calculations of the creators of Vindskip, ships of this type will reduce fuel consumption by 60%, and carbon dioxide emissions by 80%. The design proposed by the designers is well suited for certain types of passenger and commercial ships.

The largest Norwegian ship owner, Wilhelmsen, has already become interested in the project. According to one of the leading managers of Lade AS, Terje Leid, the first Vindskip will be launched in 4 years.