Combat drone base under construction in Texas

In the westernmost point of Texas in the town of Fort Bliss, a base is being built for the Gray Eagle and Shadow combat drones. The area of ​​the military facility under construction is over 60 hectares. On its territory there will be a hangar of 4600 sq. m and two runways - one for the "Gray Eagle" 1526 meters long and the other for the "Shadow" - almost 305 meters.

The Gray Eagle is an advanced version of an attack drone that surpasses its predecessors in size and quantity of equipment. Compared to them, it can carry 4 Hellfire missiles, climb 1220 meters higher, fly 80 km / h faster and stay aloft for up to 25 hours.

"Shadow" belongs to the category of reconnaissance UAVs. He is much smaller than his "shock" brother, as befits a scout - 2/3 in length and a quarter - in wingspan. "Shadow" is equipped with a powerful video camera, fixed on the fuselage, with the help of which the terrain is surveyed and the enemy military objects of interest are identified.

The presence of a separate base will help military specialists to better study the combat capabilities of drones and improve them.