The helicopter of the future will be equal to a car in terms of control complexity

According to many authoritative futurists, helicopters will become as common a means of transport as a car in the cities of the future. It's all about simplifying the control system.

To be honest, flying a modern helicopter is not an easy task. To keep the rotorcraft in a stable state, the pilot has to simultaneously control four reference axes. It is possible to form such skills only after completing special courses and having flown a certain number of hours.

The MYCOPTER project was launched three years ago at the initiative of the European Union. Its goal is to create an urban autonomous vehicle that can fly at low altitude. Urban helicopters do not require ground-based air traffic control systems.

The project involves the solution of the following problems - the automation of vehicles, their interaction with humans and with the environment. It is quite natural that the creation of the necessary transport infrastructure will be required.

The project participants are the University of Liverpool and the German Space Agency. The first, "paper" part of it is being completed this year. In total, it is planned to spend more than 4 billion euros for the project.