In Japan, a train will be built, traveling at a speed of 430 km / h

Japan continues to amaze the world with its high-speed trains. Recently, the government of this country approved the project of a new high-speed route Tokyo - Nagoya with a distance of 290 km, which the new miracle train will cover in just 40 minutes, that is, at a speed of 430 km / h.

The journey will take almost half the time that the famous Shinkansen trains now spend on this road. But they, too, cannot be called slow: the train plying on the route to Minato has a maximum speed of over 482 km / h.

The movement of Japanese high-speed trains of the Maglev type is based on the principle of magnetic levitation, which is achieved with the help of powerful superconducting magnets that create a kind of magnetic "cushion" 10 cm high. Thus, trains rush without touching the surface and, naturally, without experiencing its resistance.

A 43-kilometer high-speed train test track will open in November. Its creators decided to make it available to everyone, but there were too many of them - about 150 thousand - so you have to draw tickets by lot. As a result, only 2, 400 lucky ones will be lucky.

The route of the Tokyo-Nagoya train will pass by Mount Fuji, sacred to every Japanese, but passengers will never get to see it. 86% of the way will be in tunnels, some of which will be laid 40 meters below the surface. The estimated cost of the project is 5, 5 trillion. yen.