Russia is actively improving pulse electromagnetic weapons

It's no secret that the leading military powers are actively working on the creation of pulsed electromagnetic weapons. The United States and Israel have achieved the greatest successes. The latest developments in the domestic military-industrial complex indicate that Russia is not going to lag behind them.

The principle of operation of an electromagnetic weapon is based on the effect of a powerful flow of electromagnetic energy on semiconductor junctions, as a result of which such an impulse completely burns out the filling of electronic devices. The main damaging element is a special generator that creates an explosive compression of the magnetic field.

The "Knapsack-E" complex is guaranteed to disable the electronics of ground, air targets and guided munitions within a radius of up to 14 km and interferes with operation - up to 40 km. Currently, its creators are working to improve the combat characteristics.

Electronic warfare complex Krasukha-4

The mobile complex "Krasukha-4", created by the designers of the Bryansk Electromechanical Plant, acts as a powerful jammer. Its "victims" are ground-based radars, spy satellites, AWACS-type AWACS systems.

Complex Rtut-BM

The Rtut-BM complex is designed to "blind" radio fuses of modern artillery ammunition, including multiple launch rocket systems.

The Alabuga complex, equipped with a unique missile, where instead of a traditional warhead, a powerful high-frequency electromagnetic generator is under development. As a result of its detonation, active pulsed radiation is formed, as after a nuclear explosion.