Broke Guinness World Record for paper aircraft range

For most people, paper airplanes are associated with school. But some take them more seriously. For example, the US Air Force enthusiast team. They managed to launch a paper plane from a height of 29, 432 meters, breaking the world record for the range of this type of aircraft.

A paper airplane launched from a high-altitude balloon from Illinois flew 132 kilometers and landed in neighboring Indiana, the team said in a press release. The flight took two hours and seven minutes.

The design of the aircraft was developed by the team members. The plane has a traditional shape and is made of ordinary cardboard. The length of the apparatus is 76 centimeters, the wingspan is 36.8 centimeters, and its weight is 424 grams. The aircraft was equipped with electronics, including a GPS system, temperature sensors, a barometric pressure sensor, solar panels, HD video cameras and an on-board computer.

To launch the aircraft, it was attached to a helium balloon, which rose to the maximum possible height. When the balloon burst, the aircraft's on-board computer unhooked the mount to begin flight.

Frame from the onboard camera

The last range record was held by the British PARIS team with their Vulture-1 paper plane.