Russian missile system "Sosna". On land and at sea

The new Russian short-range anti-aircraft missile system "Sosna", developed by NPO High-Precision Complexes, is being successfully tested. The complex will be produced in two versions - land and sea.

The main striking power of the "Sosna" is a 2-stage guided missile with two warheads - fragmentation-rod and armor-piercing fragmentation. Their total weight is 7 kg. Long-range targets "Pine" destroys at a distance of 10 km, and near targets - for a kilometer. The last "word" in battle belongs to a laser contact-non-contact fuse.

The complex uses a mixed guidance system: in the initial section - a radio command, and in the final section - a laser one. An autonomous optical sensor simultaneously tracks up to fifty targets.

The Sosna will be delivered to the ground forces on the basis of the lightly armored MT-LB tractor with 12 launchers.

The naval version of 8 launchers complements the Palma naval air defense system in combination with two AO-18KD rapid-fire cannons.

Tests "Pine" should be completed in October. With its adoption, air defense units of the ground forces and naval ships will be capable of destroying almost all types of low-altitude targets at close range.