Desktop Bladeless Fan Designed

Outwardly, it is difficult even to assume that DYSON AM01 is a fan, since it does not have the usual rotating blades. However, through the round frame, a stream of soft cool air rushes at you with a volume of 450 liters per second.

The DYSON AM01 bladeless fan is a unique technical development of the DYSON company, where the unique Air Multiplier technology was used. Its essence is as follows. The engine, located at the base of the device, initiates the suction of air through the narrow openings of the profile of the ring, which has a special aerodynamic shape. There, the air flow is increased by almost 20 times, resulting in a uniform cool air flow, the direction of which can be adjusted by the profile position.

In addition, the fan supply is increased by air from the back of the ring, which is sucked in due to the resulting vacuum. The upper ring-shaped part of the fan is made of durable plastic. Without exception, all components of the case are one-piece, made according to the technology that is usually used in the manufacture of protective helmets and car bumpers. The noise level of the new product is 75%, and the power consumption is 30% less than that of its predecessors.