Sales of the first flying bike started at the price of a Mercedes M-class

A year ago, two British inventors named John Foden and Yannick Reed officially demonstrated their unique development - the Paravelo Xplore Air bicycle that can fly. Now it has appeared on the free sale, but it will cost the buyer a pretty penny.

The Paravelo Xplore Air is a propeller driven moto-paraglider mated to a durable four-wheeled bike. It is, according to its developers, an environmentally friendly vehicle that runs on biofuel.

The user can paraglide into the sky to a height of up to one and a half kilometers. As for the maximum speed that the Paravelo Xplore Air can develop, it is equal to 40 km / h. A full refueling will be enough to cover about 120 kilometers by air.

The unique Xplore Air bike is already available for order in the Hammacher Schlemmer online store. True, it will cost the buyer $ 45, 000. For comparison, for about the same amount you can buy a Mercedes M-Class crossover.