Aircraft Solar Impulse 2 will be able to fly around the Earth using only solar energy

One of the most exciting high-tech projects in recent years has been the solar-powered aircraft Solar Impulse, which has flown across America. After that, he made a non-stop 26-hour flight over Switzerland. It proved to skeptics once and for all that solar powered flights are real.

Like all popular things, Solar Impulse will be continued in the form of a second version of the aircraft. A new, more complex task has also been posed: why fly from country to country when you can fly around the whole world? Solar Impulse 2 will rise from the Persian Gulf, fly through India, and then fly around the world. Landings will be made only to change the pilot.

The wings of the aircraft, which have a span of 72 meters, are covered with 17, 238 solar cells. Despite the fact that the Solar Impulse 2 is even wider than the Boeing 747, its cockpit can only accommodate one person. The plane itself is made of carbon fiber and weighs just over two tons. The flight will take place at an altitude of 8, 500 meters during the day so that the batteries can be recharged from the Sun and at 4, 800 meters at night. The plane's speed is only 65 km / h, so the journey around the globe will take about 25 days, including the time for changing pilots.

By the way, pilots will have a hard time traveling - the plane has no heating or air conditioning system. It looks like these guys will have to suffer a little in the name of science, technological progress and new advances in aviation.