The largest ships in the world

As you know, the largest ship at the beginning of the last century was the Titanic. He was considered unsinkable, but everyone knows about his sad fate. Nevertheless, mankind did not abandon the idea of ​​building the largest ships, successfully embodied it and continues to implement it without any special tragedies. Perhaps this is a person's eternal craving for superiority over others, or maybe something else. Therefore, today we will talk about the largest ships in modern world history.

Supertanker Knock Nevis

The largest ship in the world was the Knock Nevis tanker. Its commissioning took place in 1981. Then it was called Seawise Giant, but during its difficult life it changed many names and owners. In 1986, during the Iran-Iraq conflict, a fighter fired a missile at it, and the ship sank. However, two years later, he was raised and sent for repairs. In 2010, its service life ended and Knock Nevis was sent for recycling. Its length was 458 meters, and its carrying capacity was 564, 763 tons.

Supertanker Knock Nevis - 458 m

Container ship Emma Maersk

Despite the fact that other large tankers were built in the second half of the twentieth century, now all of them have already been decommissioned. Therefore, further ships will go, which are still afloat. And the first on the list of survivors is the container ship Emma Maersk, which is 396 meters long and can carry up to 14 thousand containers.

Container ship Emma Maersk - 396 m

Tankers TI Europe, TI Asia, TI Africa and TI Oceania

Four identical ships settled in third place at once. These are double-hulled tankers TI Europe, TI Asia, TI Africa and TI Oceania. They were produced in 2003 for the Hellespont Group. Currently, these are the largest tankers in their class, although two of them are already simply used as floating oil storage facilities. The length of the ships is 380 meters.

Twin tankers TI Europe, TI Asia, TI Africa and TI Oceania - 380 m

Liner Oasis of the Seas

This is where the superiority of tankers in the ranking ends, and cruise ships begin, the first of which is the Oasis of the Seas with a length of 360 meters. At the moment, it is the largest liner in the world, and besides that, it is also the most technologically advanced. It accommodates 6, 360 passengers and more than 3 thousand service personnel.

Oasis of the Seas - 360 m

Liner Queen Mary 2

Liner Queen Mary 2, in addition to its size, is also one of the fastest ships. With a length of 345 meters, its speed is 30 knots. In addition, it is the first liner in the world to circumnavigate the world in 81 days.

Liner Queen Mary 2 - 345 m

Aircraft carrier USS Enterprise

The only warship to make it into the top ten largest ships is the US aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN-65). Its length is 342.3 meters, and 451 million dollars were spent on its construction.

Aircraft carrier USS Enterprise - 342, 3 m

Disney Dream Liner

The Disney Dream cruise ship is two meters behind the aircraft carrier. As the name implies, this is a floating Disneyland, 340 meters long. Four thousand of its passengers are provided with playgrounds, swimming pools and water attractions. The cost of the ship was $ 900 million.

Disney Dream - 340 m

Ocean Liner Freedom of the Seas

The next ocean liner, Freedom of the Seas, in addition to 339 meters in length, can boast of the fact that, in addition to the usual swimming pools and solariums, there is even an ice rink on board.

Liner Freedom of the Seas with an ice rink on board - 339 m

Liner Splendida

The largest ship launched in Europe is the Splendida liner with a length of 338 meters. Due to its European origin, it is even called the "Titanic of the XXI century". Otherwise, this is an ordinary liner, which has everything you need for a comfortable trip.

Liner Splendida - 338 m

Norwegian Epic

And the cruise ship Norwegian Epic, launched in 2009, closes the top ten largest ships. It can carry up to 4, 200 passengers and its length is 329 meters.

Norwegian Epic - 329 m

Against the background of the ships presented above, the famous "Titanic" no longer seems to be some kind of titanic, because for all its fame, its length is not so great by today's standards - only 269 meters.