What happens when you cross a military jeep and a helicopter?

When it comes to flying cars, the imagination usually draws a small sports car with transforming wings. What can happen if you cross a hefty military jeep and a helicopter? This question was answered by engineers from the Californian company Advanced Tactics.

They created a hybrid of an octocopter and a military jeep called the Black Knight. Flying vehicles are primarily intended for military needs. For example, for the delivery of soldiers or the evacuation of the wounded from places where a conventional helicopter cannot be reached.

Eight rotary engines are used for flight, each of which is protected from failure or damage by enemy fire. For movement on the ground, there is a separate engine capable of accelerating the car to 110 km / h. The maximum speed in the air is 240 km / h.

Black Knight received a modular interior and exterior system. This means that it can be transformed to fit the specifics of a specific military operation. Life support modules can be replaced with cargo containers, and nothing prevents the wheels from replacing with a float landing gear for landing on water.