Russia has applied to the Guinness Book of Records for the largest transportation

Sometimes you really really want to be happy for your home country. And such a case presented itself. When you see the footage of what will be discussed, you understand - this is not a 12-kilogram pike, weighing 21 kg, according to the official authorities. And you don't even need to think that if you are successful, the Guinness Book will be replenished with a truly unprecedented record, which if someone can beat it, it will not be very, very soon. We are talking about the transportation of very huge hydrocracking reactors to the Achinsk refinery by you know which roads.

This operation started on August 27, 2013, near Krasnoyarsk. Four reactors, with a total weight of more than 2, 5 thousand tons, will have to travel a distance of 210 kilometers, overcoming bridges, rivers and magnificent domestic asphalt.

The largest reactor weighs 1, 300 tons and is 40 meters long. He is being taken separately, while the other three are traveling together on a road train 200 meters long. All this stuff is needed for the production of Euro 5 gasoline. At the time of this writing, 60 km were left to the destination.

Probably no one will be surprised if the slowest disaster film is later shot about this event in Hollywood, because the speed of movement of these machines does not exceed 3 km / h.