Mitsubishi Electric managed to synchronize gears rotating at high speed

Few would dare to dispute the fact that gears are a very important technical invention. And when the art of mechanical transmission reaches unimaginable heights, it is definitely worth paying attention to.

In the video below, we see three gears that Mitsubishi Electric made to rotate at a very high speed, in the order of 4500 rpm. Each gear is located on movable rails, which allows them to synchronize with each other while rotating. Achieving a successful connection of parts rotating at this speed requires micron precision.

True, the meaning of the experiment remains not entirely clear. After all, the purpose of any gear is to transfer torque from one rotating line to another, with the balancing of all acting forces. Here, the gears rotate in unison without coming into contact with each other.

It is worth noting that gears are used in a wide variety of industries, from automotive to food production. True, the high-speed rotation of gears without physical contact, as in the Mitsubishi experience, is unlikely to find real practical application anywhere, but is rather a demonstration of virtuoso control of motors with micron precision.