Varibike: pedaling not only with your feet, but also with your hands

Although the idea of ​​a manual bicycle is no longer new, it still attracts the attention of two-wheelers. More and more versions of "hand" pedals are appearing on the market. So, get acquainted - Varibike.

Externally, the Varibike differs from a regular bike by an additional pair of peculiar pedals located on the handlebars. The hand-pull torque is transmitted via a chain drive to the main drive sprocket. Interestingly, the design allows the cyclist to use only a hand drive, or to combine hand and foot traction at will.

According to a study by Varibike with the University of New Mexico, a cyclist's maximum power can be increased by more than 30% with additional hand use. Also, the use of all four limbs gives a more complex muscular load.

It is worth noting that along with the pedals, the Varibike also has traditional handlebar grips. They can be used in situations where you need a little more stability in control.

As for the steering with movable pedals, this is a little unusual. But comfortable enough after some practice, according to cyclists who have tried Varibike.

The base model, called the FR2, has an aluminum frame and retails for $ 5350. And an improved version of FR3 with the ability to configure hand pedals will cost already $ 6019.

And for the laziest cyclists, we recommend taking a look at the Rubbee project, which can turn a regular bike into an electric one in a matter of seconds.