Meet the flying car "B"

In the distant Soviet past, children of the most reading country in the world could not even imagine remote control toys. Now, this is not particularly surprising to anyone. There are cars, boats and helicopters. But an engineer at the University of Southampton, Witold Melnichek, decided to combine the machine with a helicopter and for this he launched a project on Kickstarter.

The hybrid, simply named "B", can travel freely over rough terrain and fly short distances. It has a sleek polycarbonate body, four propellers inserted into the wheels and a 1280x720 HD camera to record its travels. Melnichek hopes that in the future he will be able to modify the car, and "B" will be able to move on water as well.

The cost of the future car is not mentioned, but those who paid on Kickstarter are promised a kit for self-assembly of the car, and for 450 pounds - a ready-to-use version. Shipping outside the UK will require an additional £ 20. Orders are expected to be completed by December 2013.