Anyone can become the owner of their own submarine

Ever dreamed of owning your own submarine? Or maybe a submarine that looks like a fantastic fighter? Nowadays it has become possible: the company Spymaster has developed the submarine Orcasub and now anyone can buy one for 2 million dollars.

The six-meter 4-ton monster is designed to dive to a depth of 300 meters. Moreover, the method of movement Orcasub resembles an airplane rather than a classic submarine. The device is controlled using pedals and a joystick. By changing thrust, roll and pitch controls, the pilot can force the Orcasub to dive and soar up like a fighter jet, but only in the water.

The Orcasub boasts 80 life support hours and 60, 000 lumens of lighting. Also for an additional $ 7.2 million, the device can be modified to dive to depths of up to 1800 meters.

Will the Orcasub become popular among millionaires - time will tell. But Spymaster is now promising all underwater pilots a five-day training course. A tempting offer.