About self-motivation

Motivation is an internal state of a person that makes him act and gives direction to these actions. This is a combination of drives (biological factors - hunger, sleepiness, sex) and motives (social - praise and approval). Internal motivation (better) - satisfaction after the performed actions and external expectation is encouragement from society. A person is driven mainly by 3 motives:

- striving to achieve.

- the desire for power

-the pursuit of social approval

Motivation is needed to achieve the set goals and works in conjunction with developed willpower (performing actions that you do not want to do).

Where to get motivation:

1) set a goal

2. Identify motivations - internal conditions that push us towards the goal (for example, satisfy hunger and go to the refrigerator)

3. Determine the incentive - the desired result that satisfies the motivation and makes it faster to go towards the goal (for example, a delicious dessert that is waiting in the fridge)

4. Maintain motivation

How to stay motivated:

1. Not sharing your goals with others - this disables motivation and makes you think that the goal has been achieved

2. Concentrate on work to achieve goals and avoid distracting actions like flipping through social media. networks

3. Remember positive experiences you have while achieving your previous goals.

4. Create additional motivation for yourself - in case of failure to complete the task, give up something important to you (it may be something that brings you pleasure, or, in extreme cases, argue with someone that if you do not get the job done, you will give a certain amount)

5. Make conditions for yourself - you can do what you like only if you do what you need to do before (for example: exercise before watching the series)

6) celebrate personal victories

7. Remember that life is finite and what mark you want to leave behind.