Choosing interior accessories

Even the most elaborate interior will look unfinished without the use of decorative items and trifles.

You can create an atmosphere in the house that will emphasize the overall concept of the interior style with accessories. Thousands of accessories are able to highlight the merits of the design.

Interior accessories are the necessary little things, without which it is simply impossible to give individuality to your home, the necessary color and style. When choosing interior items, we recommend the Selesa online store. There are accessories in any style. Also on the Selesa website there is a huge selection of high quality home textiles.

The most common interior accessories are photographs, paintings, figurines, textiles, and more. It is quite easy to change almost completely the interior with the help of accessories, for example, using textiles: curtains, curtains, pillows, blankets, tablecloths. The main thing is that they are in harmony with each other and resemble the entire interior. If you choose the accessories competently and sensibly, then your home will sparkle with new colors and will differ in its style and personality, especially since the accessories will give your home warmth and comfort.

Each accessory and item plays a specific role in the interior. For example, you need to choose curtains in the same color tone with the entire interior and you can decorate them with both windows and doors. It is desirable that they are of the same texture with pillows and bedspreads. If you want to completely transform the look of the room, then you can sew a set from the same fabrics. Curtains can be decorated with sequins, beads, feathers, decorative cords or seashells.

For a study or living room, choose curtains in a traditional classic style, and the fabric should be rich, with drapery and embellishments.

A child's room can be freshened up with blinds made of metal, plastic, bamboo or fabric.

You can also transform or refresh the interior with the help of mirrors. They can be of a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Mirrors visually enlarge the space, and their ability to refract light will add mystery to your room. It should be remembered that mirrors should not be hung in the children's room and opposite the front door.

Figurines and photographs (made in black and white style), aquariums, paintings and pillows will add uniqueness to the interior. The figurines can be illuminated with a point light, and the photographs can be placed in frames of various sizes and shapes, but the same color. When choosing paintings for a room, you must first of all be guided by the general style of the space, and the pillows ideally complement the interior.

As a rule, home decoration with accessories takes place in two directions: accessories are selected by the owner himself or by a professional designer. In the first case, the owner himself chooses the furnishings to his liking and often not paying attention to the general style of the rooms. Most people prefer to bring souvenirs from trips or travels, thus the present remains as a keepsake and decorates the room. Even if the purchased souvenirs do not fit into the interior in any way, they bring pleasant memories.

The second way is to contact a professional interior designer. Experienced specialists will help you choose the right accessories for your existing interior, in order to freshen it up or give it a completely different character: romantic, modern, extravagant, austere or minimalist.