Moscow and its sights

The capital of our homeland is a very popular place for tourists, both Russians from all over the country and foreign guests come here, because the historical value of Moscow is very high. Since there are many historical sites in the city, we will only dwell on some of them.

Moscow parks

Among all the historical places that can be visited in Moscow, the city's parks stand out separately. Landscaped, with stunning reservoirs and opportunities for sports, Moscow parks will not leave indifferent any guest of the city, because it was not in vain that they gave inspiration to many famous people. The most famous parks are Gorky Park, Patriarch's Ponds, Vorobyovy Gory, Chistye Prudy and Victory Park. Chistye Prudy is a fairly popular place among tourists, but it consists of only one lake and a park area. And around this place there are many monuments and theaters.

Sights of Moscow

The most famous sights of the capital are undoubtedly the Kremlin and Red Square, which are located in the very center of the city. On Red Square, in addition to the Kremlin, there is a monument to Minin and Pozharsky, the Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed, as well as the mausoleum and Execution site. If you decide to visit Moscow in winter, you can get to the ice skating rink, which is arranged on the square.

In addition to Red Square, in Moscow you should definitely visit such historical places as the Arbat, where many museums are located, on Tverskaya Street, which runs in the very center of the city, as well as in the Kitay-gorod area, where a great many historical and memorable places.

While in the capital, one cannot but visit such famous museums as the Bulgakov House, which is located on Bolshaya Sadovaya, the Tretyakov Gallery on Lavrushensky Lane, the Pushkin Museum on Volkhonka Street, and a museum dedicated to the art of the peoples of the East, which is located on Nikitsky Boulevard. All these museums will open up a lot of new and surprising to their visitors.