Nose surgery - what is this procedure?

It should be noted that the correction of the shape of the nose is called rhinoplasty. Such an operation is performed only by experienced surgeons A patient in consultation with a plastic surgeon must state the whole essence of the problem. The more the complaint is described in more detail, the more likely the patient will have a better result after rhinoplasty.

The doctor conducts an examination to determine the structure of the patient's nose, as well as the quality of the skin. Pictures are taken without fail, a computer model of the patient's nose is made so that in the future it is possible to observe changes in the plastic surgery of the nose and in appearance as a whole.

At the preliminary preparatory procedures, or rather, at the final stage, radiography is performed. Plastic surgery aimed at a significant change in the shape of the nose consists in carrying out a surgical invasion of the bone-cartilaginous structure and giving this shape all the necessary changes that will improve the appearance of the nose.

Often, rhinoplasty changes the depth and width of the nose, reduces its length, and corrects it. In medical practice, only two types of rhinoplasty are known, namely: open and closed. Closed rhinoplasty is performed by incising the inner parts of the nostrils, and in open rhinoplasty, an incision is made in the outer part of the nasal septum. Thanks to modern equipment, any kind of rhinoplasty will not show any scars after the operation.

Today, plastic surgeons practice all two existing types of rhinoplasty. Which type of rhinoplasty will be used is determined immediately before the operation and the patient's complaints. After the operation, a person may feel discomfort associated with the presence of cotton swabs in the nasal passages.

Such cotton swabs are removed already on the second day after the nose plastic surgery is performed. Also, a special plaster cast is applied to the patient, with which he must walk for seven days. This time will be enough for the edema to disappear after the operation.

The bruises under the eyes will disappear after fourteen days after the operation. If we talk about the final result after nose plasty, then it will be achieved after 2-6 months, it all directly depends on the level of surgical intervention.

In order to significantly shorten the postoperative period, it is necessary to strictly observe all time restrictions and recommendations of the attending physician. If you decide on an operation, then you will need to take this moment into account.