Foamiran hair jewelry

Recently, handicrafts, the so-called Hend made, have become more and more popular. I would like to tell you about an amazing and unusual material called foamiran (revolving).

This material is very fond of needlewomen. To buy foamiran, you just need to go to the site. It consists of 1-5 mm thick foam rubber sheets that feel like soft velvet. Foamiran has the unique property of becoming very plastic when heated. In a heated state, it can be compressed, bent, stretched, and given a different shape. In addition, all products made from foamiran can be washed with water, their quality does not suffer from this. The material does not absorb moisture and dries quickly. Foamiran is easily glued with hot melt glue and cut with scissors. To obtain different shades, foamiran can be tinted by applying acrylic, oil paints or dry pastels on it. The price for this material is quite reasonable.

Lovers of needlework have found widespread use of foamiran in the manufacture of dolls, toys, women's jewelry, wedding accessories, and decor.

Hair ornaments are especially beautiful, namely hairpins, elastic bands, headbands, combs and wreaths decorated with foamiran flowers. The flowers that adorn the hair look bright and realistic and delight others. Foamiran is a dream for jewelry lovers, it does not wrinkle or deform even with a hat.

Nowadays, wedding decorations have become very fashionable and in demand: delicate and exquisite flower buds of different shades, sizes and diameters adorn the bride's hairstyle. Sometimes craftswomen make such unique works that it is very difficult to distinguish a flower made from foamiran from a real one. A special chic - an exclusive bridal bouquet from foamiran!

Even novice needlewomen can master working with this material by studying several master classes with step-by-step photos or by watching a video. Working with this material is simple and pleasant. To get the initial skills in working with the material, you need to start with the easiest flowers to make, for example, with a dandelion. Such a flower looks very beautiful, but it is not so difficult to make it. The finished flower can be attached to an elastic band or hair clip, or you can make a wreath or a rim from dandelions. Once again, I note that these flowers look very natural and impressive. They will never fade or become less bright and attractive.

The more experience and time the craftswoman has, the more beautiful and interesting the products are. And then there is no limit to imagination! Ideas can be viewed on Internet sites or come up with your own.

Foamiran jewelry is suitable for both little fashionistas and older fashionistas. They can be used every day and for a special occasion.

Are you already conquered by this material? I propose to plunge into the wonderful world of needlework and make unique hair jewelry from foamiran yourself! Try and enjoy creativity, look stylish and unique!