Possible transfer of Donnie Van de Beck to Tottenham

Donnie van de Beck is gaining popularity. The 22-year-old favorite of Dennis Bergkamp, ​​a graduate of the Ajax football academy, may change his club registration for the first time.

The young midfielder first gained prominence while playing for the youth squad in 2014. Then he received the title of talent of the year among the youth of the Dutch club. And since joining the main team of Ajax, his achievements have been constantly increasing. This season, he has already played in 53 matches and scored 16 goals. And his participation in the Champions League meetings was decisive for his native club. The goal that decided the fate of the meeting with Tottenham in the semifinals, and in many ways changed the bets on sports, made Donnie one of the clear leaders of the team.

Prior to that, European teams were keenly interested in the player, but there was no serious talk about changing the place of registration. So last year, Roma tried to negotiate the sale of this player with the management of Ajax, but nothing came of it. Now interest in the acquisition of Donnie van de Beck has grown significantly. Several giants of European football are competing for this talented midfielder to take a place in their ranks.

Rumors about the transition of the half-striker to Napoli were spreading. Before that, it was said with confidence that the player could appear in the French Ligue 1 as part of PSG. Some publications predicted his transfer to Milan. Real Madrid, Manchester United, Tottenham are also actively monitoring his actions.

For Real Madrid, which for a number of reasons did not receive Paul Pogba from Manchester United, all predictions for football indicate that Van de Beck will be able to take the vacant place. According to the information received, the British are ready to pay 60 million euros for the player. And Tottenham hopes to replace Christian Eriksen, who can go to Manchester United or Real Madrid.

Undoubtedly, after Donnie van de Beck has shown himself so brightly in the Champions League playoffs, the rest of the football giants will join the list of those interested in acquiring him.

At the same time, the representative of the midfielder, who is called the most emotional footballer (he really does not hold back his feelings on the field), does not deny the possibility of changing the club, but does not speak about which of the championships it will be possible to see the player, without denying or confirming any of the assumptions ... “The future can be discussed after the end of the season, and now Donnie is completely focused on Ajax, ” his agent says.