World record for the duration of a kiss beaten

Thailand recently held a competition for the longest kiss, which culminated in a new world record. Several Thai couples started in this competition, but not all of them survived this protracted marathon.

The main challenge for the participants was to break the previous record of 2012 - fifty hours, twenty minutes and one second. In 2013, nine couples dared to fight for a record kiss, including students, workers, housewives and even retirees. The competition rules forbade interrupting a kiss even for a second, so the marathon participants had to receive food through a straw.

The final winners were Ekkahai Tiranarat, forty-four, a security officer, and a thirty-three-year-old housewife named Laksana. Their kiss lasted fifty-eight hours, thirty-five minutes and fifty-eight seconds. Tired but happy winners received a prize - three and a half thousand dollars and two diamond rings.

And lastly, a selection of kissing couples: