Banff - Canada's unique park

There is a unique place in Canada - Banff National Park, founded in the 19th century. It is famous for its unspoiled nature: majestic plateaus, beautiful lakes and turbulent rivers, a variety of flora and fauna. Also here you can see unique hot sulfur springs and crystal waterfalls. All this splendor extends over an area of ​​almost 7 thousand square meters. kilometers.

Banff's main pride is its three mountain lakes, Moiraine, Louise and Peyto. Moiraine is considered one of the most beautiful lakes on the planet. Due to the special structure of the bottom and the filling with waters from the glacier, it has a deep blue color. Lake Louise delights tourists with many overgrown trails where you can retire, as well as nearby waterfalls. Finally, Peyto is characterized by a milky blue color due to stone suspensions in the composition of the water. Also, in its shape, it resembles the head of a she-wolf.

Another Banff wonder is the springs. It was thanks to them that they decided to create a national park here. Warm water with a spicy aftertaste gushes out of them. Even the ancient Indians considered these sulphurous springs to be healing: they have a rich chemical composition: hydrogen sulfide, magnesium, sodium, calcium and bicarbonate.

Banff National Park history

Previously, Paleo-Indians hunted in the valleys and forests of Banff, bison and mammoths became their prey, they were also engaged in gathering and fishing. The first Europeans, represented by the Spanish conquistadors, appeared in the Rocky Mountains in the 16th century. This place gained popularity after the construction of a transcontinental railway line.

Having got the opportunity to get to such a picturesque place, tourists literally flooded the future of Banff. Together with them came the money, which made it possible to build a hotel nearby, as well as to beautify the territory. The park got its name in 1949, when the owners finally decided on its exact boundaries. Since 1984, it has officially entered the UNESCO list.

Banff animals

The fauna of Banff is quite diverse. It is home to grizzlies, black bears, lynxes, wolverines, cougars and wolves. In total, there are about 56 species of mammals. In addition, the protected area is home to 200 species of birds and a small number of amphibians. The most interesting thing is that many representatives of the fauna can be seen live.