Tango is the most passionate dance (Article)

Tango is the most passionate dance. In this dance, it is not customary to talk, smile, it is not even customary to look into each other's eyes. An invitation made out loud can be regarded as an insult. Only a glance and a slight movement of the lips are allowed.

In the beginning, only men danced tango. It was a duel, most often over a woman. Later, tango began to be danced in a pair of man and woman. Basically, even now in the tango dance there is a confrontation and a game: a man leads, and a woman is a follower. Life in tango is in full swing, and in the center of the dance there are relationships, passions, conflicts, reconciliation, "third extra", jealousy, hatred - all the feelings that fill human life.

Tango is an improvisation dance, in which the ability of partners to hear each other is very important. This skill is born on a subconscious level as if by itself, creating a feeling of a different reality. And the most expressive moment of this dance is a pause: music sounds, and two froze in each other's arms, as if conducting a mute dialogue in raised tones - this is a point of higher tension.

Argentine tango SHOW DUET "JEEP-SI"