The easiest way is to dismiss such information. But don't rush! It turns out that there is a science - somnology. This is a branch of medicine and neurobiology that deals with the study of sleep, as well as its disorders and their impact on human health.

For example, in the structure of the Office of the President of the Russian Federation there is even a laboratory that studies dreams and their connection with well-being. It is clear that serious scientists working in such a laboratory can hardly be accused of superstition or obscurantism. So, these scientists believe: there is an inextricable connection between the state of human health and his dreams.

But before starting a conversation on this topic, let us ask our readers: have you ever heard anything about Evgeny Petrovich Tsvetkov? Not? And yet this is one of the most interesting authors of the Russian diaspora. He wrote several novels, dozens of stories and short stories. ... Abroad, Evgeny Petrovich dealt with climate problems.

But we are interested in Tsvetkov's ideas, which in domestic and foreign media are called a window to the future of mankind - ideas concerning the interpretation of dreams. Suffice it to recall his book on this topic - "Happy Dreams".


In one of the chapters of this book, Tsvetkov quotes the Russian thinker of the 20th century, P.D. Uspensky: “Our hands think, possessing their own memory, their own imagination, their own associations. The back thinks, the stomach thinks; every part of the body has independent thinking. But none of these thought processes reach our waking consciousness, when brain thinking (which operates mainly with words and visual images) dominates all others. When it subsides and in a state of sleep it is, as it were, shrouded in clouds, especially in the deep stages of sleep, other consciousnesses immediately take the floor, namely, the consciousnesses of the legs, hands, fingers, stomach, other organs enclosed within us, which have their own ideas about many objects and phenomena for which we have the corresponding head concepts, and sometimes not ... ".

In the end, Tsvetkov comes to the conclusion that dreams are a kind of warning about an illness, coming from the subconscious, and if you learn to understand the language in which such a warning is made, you can resist the creeping ailment.

It turns out that you should not take your dreams lightly. Especially to those that are repeated several times. It is with their help that the body sends us a kind of SOS. But we must remember that similar dreams, dreamed by different people, can signal different diseases - after all, each case is individual. Without knowledge of the peculiarities of the psyche of a particular person and without familiarizing himself with the state of his body, no somnologist will be able to say what a dream means in which a patient sees himself, for example, stuck in a narrow hole or flying up into the heavens and then falling down. In the abstract, such dreams warn of lung disease. But ... not in all patients.

Nevertheless, E.P. Tsvetkov offers some general interpretations of various dreams.


So, if you dream of a hospital or a room with white furniture, think about whether you have a pathology of the lungs or bronchi.

Do you often dream of a war or, for example, criminal showdowns? Check if your gallbladder is okay.

If you have nightmares during which you have to eat something disgusting, it may be worth contacting a gastroenterologist.

Patients of the same specialist may be people who dream of intertwined tree roots, tied in a knot of ropes, tangled threads.

Naked bodies with relief muscles seen in a dream sometimes speak of bowel diseases.

Have you eaten raw meat in a dream? Liver problems are not excluded.

Well, pictures of natural disasters are a sign of spleen disease.

"Heart, you do not want peace!" - sung in an old song. In fact, the heart needs peace, in any case, it should rest at night. If you wake up due to a strong heartbeat and remember that in a dream a large stone fell on your chest, then without putting it off, make an appointment with a cardiologist. A toad sitting on your chest can become one of the symptoms of a disease of the same name - angina pectoris (angina pectoris).

Those who are at risk of vascular disease in the legs may dream that they are walking barefoot in the snow or are bogged down in the mud.

And the spine and joints will declare their trouble if in the world of dreams you have to carry on your back, for example, sacks of potatoes or even roll someone heavy on yourself. And he sits, grinning, and even prodding you like a workhorse.

Did you dream about something offensive? Someone scolded you for nothing, accused you of all mortal sins? Perhaps, having seen such a dream, you will have to fluff.

And if in a dream you walked along a snow-covered street almost naked and froze, stock up on medicines for colds!

People with urological conditions are often disturbed by dreams in which they have to sit on a cold stone or even ice. However, the subconscious mind can send urologist's patients on a sea voyage - while they will suffer from seasickness.

Dreams in dark colors, when everything around is swallowed up by a thick fog, visit people with brain diseases.


In general, there are a lot of dreams warning about various diseases. Here are just a few of them: a bathhouse, hair, a friend offended by you, a quarrel with your wife or husband, a naked woman, a bed, raw meat, bad teeth ... And this is not a complete list. A lost tooth - to the death of a friend, if the loss of a tooth was accompanied by bleeding - a relative may die.

By the way, having seen one of these messenger dreams, you can make your subconscious mind work for your benefit. The next night, going to bed, ask yourself a question about the cause of the impending illness and ask for the answer to come to you in a dream, and while falling asleep, mentally repeat: "Now I will have a dream, from which I will find out the cause of my illness."

Penetration into the subtle world, the product of which prophetic dreams are, must be treated very carefully

But here you also need to take into account that the same dream for a sick and healthy person can be interpreted in different ways. In particular, E.P. Tsvetkov argues that "flying high between the stars for a patient is death, and for a healthy person - to elevation, glory or conceit ... Sitting at the table with the king (president, leader): sick - to death, and healthy - to separation" ...

In general, the interpretation of dreams is a thankless task. Perhaps it was not for nothing that the ancients called for stoning pythias, or clairvoyants. After all, explaining the meaning of sleep, we seem to materialize what exists only in our brain and what could well have remained there if we had not voiced this thought. Perhaps that is why Tsvetkov advises to interpret the bad as good, and treat the good as a warning. In other words, one must be very careful about penetrating into the subtle world, the product of which prophetic dreams are.