Longevity secrets from a 106-year-old woman

A 106-year-old woman shared the secrets of longevity - don't get married and don't visit pubs.

Madeline Dye has never been on a date and only visited the pub once to celebrate her 90th birthday.

She believes that she managed to live for so long because she avoided all kinds of relationships, and such stresses as mutual resentment, family quarrels, misunderstanding of a partner, she never threatened.

Madeline was born in Heli, south of Sheffield, in 1912, the same year the Titanic sank.

She has lived there all her life. When she was younger, she lived with her mother Mary and sister Aurelia, her father Ernst was killed during the First World War.

The former bookbinder celebrated her 106th birthday on April 28 at a nursing home where her relatives have arrived.

Madeline's 80-year-old niece Diana Heaton said:

“She is very independent and can move freely without a cane. When she was 103, she asked me to change the curtains in her bedroom.

I said that I would do it tomorrow, but when I came to her the next day, she said to me: "I hung up the curtains - look, do you like it?"

She had the strength to replace the curtains herself.

And she dresses herself, without assistance. She often comes to the common living room and communicates with people there.

Her sense of humor does not fail her, she always loved to joke.

Whenever someone asks her about her past romances or asks if she had a husband, she replies: "It never did, which is why I live so long."

She says that she did not have a bitter experience of marriage, so her nerves are in order.

She always loved to dress well and dress impeccably. "

The key to Madeline's longevity could be that she walked down and up a steep hill four times a day, going to and from work, so she walked 2 miles a day.

Last year, she reunited with a friend, with whom she survived the bombing during the war, they have not seen each other for 70 years.

Keith Scott, 97, contacted her long-lost girlfriend after learning from the newspapers about her 105th birthday.

Madeline has loved knitting and gardening all her life.