Archil Gomiashvili. Great combiner

The future Ostap was born in the Georgian town of Chiatura on March 23, 1926. His grandfather, "even before historical materialism, " kept the yard and the rebar on the Georgian Military Highway, along which Ostap and Kisa Vorobyaninov would later walk, and his father was by no means " Turkish citizens ”, but a simple Georgian shepherd. Not finding charm in this profession, he went to Moscow, where in 1920 he graduated from the Moscow School of Red Professors, and went to Donbass to become the chairman of the coal miners' trade union. But during the great repression, he was arrested and released only in 1944.

Quickly realizing that this was not Rio de Janeiro, the younger Gomiashvili moved to Tbilisi and entered the Tbilisi Art College. Young Archil, who did not know then so many ways of "honestly taking money from citizens" and almost did not "honor the criminal code" at all, tied his fate with thieves, and as a result, ended up in jail for theft. Amnesty saved. Soon he was again arrested for hooliganism, but released again. This state of affairs could not suit our hero, because they might not let go, and after two years of study, he goes to Moscow.

Here the talent of the young Georgian was duly appreciated, and he was admitted to the Moscow Art Theater School. But the hot southern heart was haunted. And one day ..., but let us listen to Archil Mikhailovich himself: “There were three Pashkov sisters in the Vakhtangov theater, all of them were Ruben Nikolayevich Simonov's mistresses. They all played Mademoiselle Nitouche, and the one he used and played. By this they determined who he was with today. I liked the youngest. In a fight in a restaurant where I invited her, I knocked out someone's eye. Fuck knows who knocked out - there was such a fight! - but they pointed at me. " Mom saved by giving a bribe to the victim.

The unlearned actor returns to his homeland again. In Tbilisi, he was accepted into the troupe of the Marjanishvili Academic Theater, and in 1958 the actor left for Poti and worked first at the Eristavi Theater, and then at the Griboyedov Russian Theater. They say that the performances with his participation were held with constant success, it was enough only to write “Archil Gomiashvili” on the poster and a full house was guaranteed. Archil Gomiashvili performed his first film role in 1957 in the film “Personally Known” by S. Kevorkov and E. Karamyan. Here, in his native land, he decided to be "in the forefront of the builders of Communism" and joined the party (with his track record!), And in 1966 he was awarded the title of People's Artist of the Georgian SSR.

So, Georgia has been conquered! But how to get fame on 1/6 of the land? The case helped. In 1971, Leonid Gaidai decided to shoot the film "Twelve Chairs". Vladimir Vysotsky, Andrey Mironov, Alexey Batalov, Vladimir Basov, Alexander Belyavsky and our "humble servant" applied for the role of Ostap Bender.

The role went to Vladimir Vysotsky, but he suddenly started drinking at the very beginning of filming and the role went to Archil. A lot of articles have been written about the film, but let's listen to Archil Mikhailovich: “I must admit, I didn't like the film. I even got up from the premiere and left. And the next day Leonid Gaidai invited me to the restaurant of the Ukraine Hotel. And with vodka and dumplings, I told him: "If I knew that you are such a bad director, I would not act with you!" And he was not taken aback and, eating these very dumplings, replied: "And if I knew that you were such a bad actor, I would not invite you to this role!"

As the unforgettable Ostap Bender would say: “Director! It is necessary to kill such directors! " But, since we have democracy, we will also listen to the other side, namely Leonid Gaidai's wife Nina Grebeshkova: “He did not like working with Gomiashvili, and after the“ Twelve Chairs ”he never called him anywhere. the actor was always fawning and fawning, although it seems to me that he played Ostap Bender better than Andrei Mironov. ”Anyway, the audience liked the film and Archil Gomiashvili became a star of the union scale.

Glory brought our Ostap not only love and recognition of the audience, but also more tangible things. Overnight he became the owner of the "key to the apartment where the money is" in the form of a huge apartment of Stalin's daughter Svetlana Alliluyeva and "Gnu Antelope" in the form of a brand new Mercedes. He has a young wife (second), whom he married when he was 39 years old, and she was 15! In 1973, Archil Gomiashvili became an actor in the Moscow Lenin Komsomol Theater, a few years later he moved to the Pushkin Theater.

"The ice is broken, gentlemen of the jury." It seems that the “pink dream of childhood” has come true. New roles in cinema and theater, recognition, fame, success, money finally, but ... the General Secretaries of the Communist Party die one after the other, plunging the whole "progressive humanity" into anguish, "perestroika" sets in, and with it everything "accumulated in excess labor. "

The grand strategist is puzzled, you can't follow Bender's example to sell an astrolabe, but not for long. He recalls that he was once introduced to the German billionaire Michael Field, and he even gave him his book "America through the eyes of a taxi driver", which tells about the difficult fate of a rich man. After translating this invaluable work, our Ostap bought a daddy with the proud inscription "Case No." (my guess), put a script there, quickly written from Field's memoirs, and went to Germany to ask the new Koreiko for money for a film about the difficult fate of a millionaire.

In the role of Field, Archil Mikhailovich planned to act himself. Like Alexander Ivanovich Koreiko, Field did not want to part with his money, but the Great Combinator was hungry. But let's not take away the pleasure of the actor himself to tell about this period, he loves to remember it very much: “I worked with him in West Berlin for a year. I earned practically nothing, I spent everything. I got to the handle - I had almost nothing. And he still does not sign the contract. And suddenly it calls me. I got it - a feint. On the appointed day, all in debt, a hundred marks in my pocket, I don't answer the phone because I owe half of Berlin, I go to him and before that I go to the casino.

That's what it means - born under a lucky star! I bet on 23 - on my birthday - one hundred marks. I win. I also bet and win ... 160 thousand German marks! For 20 thousand you could buy a brand new Mercedes. Michael Field refused me, but said: "I liked you, and I can't just let you go." And he gave me ten rooms with slot machines in the busiest streets of West Berlin. The next day I became a very rich man. "

After a while, Ostap .., sorry, Archil Mikhailovich returns to Moscow .. In 1990 he becomes the president of the joint-stock company City-b

business ", and at the end of 1992 opened in Moscow, the first of the actors, the club" Golden Ostap ", which soon became one of the most prestigious places in the capital, and the club's restaurant in 1996 and 1997 was recognized as the best in Europe. Of course, Yuri Mikhailovich Luzhkov was present at the opening of the club. In his speech, he noted: "I have a feeling that I am abroad."

Undoubtedly, the club reminded him of Rio de Janeiro. Without ceasing to repeat that he is not interested in money, Archil Gomiashvili starts another event, with another Great Combiner Artyom Tarasov (the one who paid 90, 000 rubles in party dues when the average salary was 200 rubles), but now in London. Everything here will be at the highest level and the girls, who will be paid extra for each additional bottle of champagne drunk by the clients (poor liver!), And the kitchen.

At 62, he retired from the profession and went into business. Having succeeded in the club and restaurant business (many remember his brilliant project - the restaurant-club "Golden Ostap"), he was engaged in charity work, helped students and old needy Georgian artists. Archil Gomiashvili died on May 31, 2005 in Moscow.