11 weird laws that can ruin your vacation if you don't follow them

Planning a vacation abroad? Do you know about the strange prohibitions in force on the territory of some states? Check them out before leaving, so as not to spoil the rest for yourself and your loved ones.


If your craving for adventure takes you to this African country, forget about your morning jogging. Instead of being in good physical shape, you risk getting a prison sentence. To prevent clashes between different ethnic groups, jogging in the morning is officially banned in Burundi - it is equated there with an act of war.


When packing your things in your suitcase before traveling to this country, exclude all yellow. In Malaysia, wearing yellow clothing may result in police arrest. There, this color is considered a symbol of protest.


In this Caribbean state, only the military are allowed to wear military-style clothing. Forget about camouflage pants or T-shirts. Even small accessories like wallets of this color can create problems with the authorities.


In this country, it is forbidden to get into a car in one swimsuit or swimming trunks, no matter how many degrees it is outside. Not only drivers are obliged to put on something on top, but also their passengers, if they do not want to pay a fine.


On the island of Capri, “noisy” beach shoes are illegal - the sound of flip-flops interferes with the sound of the surf and the sea.


Private taxi drivers and Uber are banned there. If you do decide to break this law, sit in the front seat so as not to arouse suspicion. Otherwise, you will be fined $ 39, and the taxi driver's car will be taken away.


In Petrolia, Ontario, you can get a fine of $ 250 Canadian dollars for whistling. That's really really "do not whistle - there will be no money."

Italy again

In Eraclea, near Venice, innocent beach activities are prohibited - ball games and the construction of sand castles. Everything so that people can calmly listen to the waves and sunbathe.

Saudi Arabia

In Riyadh, men over the age of 16 cannot enter large shopping malls unaccompanied by women. Allegedly, this can shake the moral foundations of the female half of the state.

United Arab Emirates

On the territory of some Dubai beaches, it is strictly forbidden to take selfies and generally photograph anyone, even relatives. All the more, it is impossible to photograph local residents, and this prohibition applies not only to the UAE, but also to many other Muslim countries.


Plastic bags and bags are banned here. If the authorities find something like that in you, you may be fined up to $ 38, 000.