Life after the most famous duel: how was the fate of Dantes

It is widely believed that if there had been no duel between Pushkin and Dantes, the name of the poet's killer would never have gone down in history. If this did happen, then everyone is interested in how the future life of this person turned out.

On January 27 (February 8), 1837, the same duel took place in the area of ​​the Black River in St. Petersburg. The official reason is Dantes' connection with Pushkin's wife Natalia Goncharova. The great poet was mortally wounded, two days later he died.

The killer, whose full name is Jord Charles Dantes, left Russia after this event with his wife Ekaterina Goncharova, Natalia's sister. More precisely, he was demoted from his rank and expelled from the country.

By the way, it is not known for certain which educational institution the poet's killer graduated from. There is evidence that he studied at the Bourbon Lyceum and the Saint-Cyr School, but was expelled. Thanks to his connections, he still managed to get into the cavalry regiment in Russia, made friends and fans.

After leaving Russia, Dantes lived for some time with his family in his father's house, but then tried to build a career in Austria. The attempt was unsuccessful, since in Vienna there were many of Pushkin's acquaintances who did not hesitate to declare the murderer's St. Petersburg dueling past.

Later, Dantes nevertheless became a member of the General Council of the Department of Upper Rhine, and then mayor. At the same time, he was considered an informant at the Embassy of the Russian Empire in Paris. That is, in his career, he eventually achieved considerable success, becoming a successful diplomat.

As for family relations, then everything is contradictory. The man was quite insidious and greedy for money, so he did not miss the opportunity to live at someone else's expense. The Dantes family was often helped financially by his father and stepfather, and his wife, who broke off relations with her family after the duel, received 5 thousand rubles every year due to her.

By the way, Dantes was a wife only once. In a marriage with Catherine, he had 3 daughters. And after the birth of the fourth child - a son - the wife died of postpartum fever. The sister of Georges had to raise the children, while Dantes himself was engaged in obtaining the inheritance of the faithful.

Yet there was an unpleasant moment in Georges' life. His daughter Leonie was too fond of Russia and Pushkin's work. When she found out that it was her father who was the killer of the greatest poet, she lost her mind and ended up in a psychiatric hospital.

In extreme old age, Georges thanked fate for that very deadly duel on the Black River, noting that it was she who allowed him to live such a bright life. The killer himself died in Soulce after a long illness at the age of 83.