9 most dangerous ways to treat colds

With the onset of cold weather, residents of large cities begin to fall ill en masse. Mostly colds. And many immediately run to the pharmacy, buying a bunch of drugs that are as expensive as they are useless - at best. In the worst case, citizens begin to remember their grandmother's advice and are treated with so-called folk remedies.

Don't breathe hot steam

As soon as you catch a cold, you are immediately offered to breathe in the steam of freshly boiled potatoes, covering your head with a blanket and leaning as low as possible over the hot pot. Zero benefits, but you will almost certainly get a tracheal burn!

Do not drink hot tea or milk.

The most famous remedy that we inherited from our grandmothers is hot tea with raspberries or honey, as well as milk with soda or butter. Immediately no! Drinking plenty of fluids relieves coughs and the production of phlegm, which removes viruses and toxins from the body. But hot liquids are absolutely contraindicated! Not only do you risk burning the mucous membranes of your mouth and throat, but tea or milk in which you dissolve honey destroys its healing properties. Sugar bloom from sweet tea, deposited on the mucous membrane of the mouth and pharynx, serve as a favorable environment for viruses.

Do not try to lower the temperature by wrapping

Yes, at the first sign of a cold, they try to put the patient to bed, wrap it in a blanket, cover it with a blanket on top, and tie a scarf around the throat. Do not under any circumstances repeat this mistake! You will disrupt the natural thermoregulation of the body, which occurs even in a state of illness, and instead of lowering the temperature, you can aggravate the patient's condition.

Eliminate alcohol

A glass of vodka with pepper is another "popular" folk remedy for the treatment of colds. Having received a dose of a strong drink, and even with a spice that causes increased phlegm production, you can experience temporary relief. You will sweat, be able to blow your nose heartily and even cough will stop for a while. However, literally in a few minutes, the fever will increase and the condition will worsen - again due to a violation of the thermoregulation process. In addition, alcohol forces the body to work to the limit of its capabilities.

Do not put cans, mustard plasters and leeches

Leave the method that was once considered a panacea and was used everywhere in the past. Otherwise, you risk damaging blood vessels with banks, burning your skin with mustard plasters, or bringing in a dangerous infection with leeches. There will definitely not be any positive effect.

Do not put onion juice mixtures into your nose.

Another extremely harmful remedy periodically used by lovers of "traditional medicine" for colds is the instillation of pure onion juice in the nose, in combination with vegetable oil or beetroot juice. A burn of the mucous membrane is guaranteed!

Rubbing with vinegar or vodka

Many people believe that vigorous rubbing of the body with pure vodka, vinegar or even alcohol helps to lower the temperature, and they even use this remedy for children. Do not do this under any circumstances! A direct consequence of such manipulation is the poisoning of the body, into which these active fluids enter through the pores. Not to mention the fact that at best the temperature will drop by a few minutes, during which the body will not be wrapped in a blanket.

Rinsing for colds may be harmful

Yes, doctors do not recommend gargling with a solution of salt and iodine for colds and sore throats, as we used to do. At best, you will be able to rinse your mouth and teeth, which are harmful to the saline solution. Contact with the active solution on the mucous membrane of the throat is dangerous!

Do not use aviation kerosene for colds and sore throats

This drug, insane in its danger to humans, oddly enough, is considered very popular in the list of folk. Meanwhile, you can not only burn the mucous membrane of the mouth and throat, but also poison yourself with the vapor of this liquid. Do not believe that there is specially purified kerosene that can allegedly be used as a medicine. This is a myth, and extremely dangerous!

The first thing that experienced doctors advise to remember when a cold starts is a proverb that has become anecdotal: "if a cold is treated, it will go away in a week, not treated in seven days." Many years of practical experience of clinicians gives grounds to assert: this saying is the whole truth of life.

What is to be done?

Doctor of Medical Sciences, doctor of the highest category, chief physician of the city clinical hospital No. 71 Alexander Myasnikov states: “A viral disease is a limited disease in itself. Whether you treat it or not treat it, the course of the disease will not become shorter. All that remains is to fight the symptoms and wait for it to pass by itself. The temperature is high - we knock it down. Nausea - we take antiemetic. Vomits - we drink more liquid. Typically, a common infection will clear up on its own within one to two weeks. You just have to lie down, drink a lot of warm drink and wait. Everything will go away by itself without medication, and even more so without antibiotics. " Remember that self-medication can do you far more harm than viruses, coughs, and sneezes. Be healthy!