Growing up the brain: girls and boys

Everyone knows and this is confirmed by medical research that girls have an earlier puberty. Scientists (University of Newcastle, UK) have proven that girls' brains also mature faster.

What does growing up the brain mean? During childhood, there are multiple connections between brain cells. But with age, some parts of the brain shrink and unnecessary connections are lost. This means that information processing is much faster. Scientists have stated that the process of brain formation in girls ends by 10 years, and in boys by 20 years. Which means a faster maturation of the brain in girls.

Study author Markus Kaiser popularly explains the benefits of girls' brains, comparing the process to a party. When a lot of people are many and everyone is talking at the same time, it is difficult to isolate any information (this is the work of an unformed brain), but when some of the people leave, the voices become less, it is easier to understand what people are talking about (this is a brain that has lost some unnecessary connections). If unnecessary connections disappear, the job is easier to get done. This is why girls often learn better and behave more intelligently than boys.

Girls begin to think about their appearance earlier, they have a problem, as it is, and not to gain weight, arises already at the age of 14, and in physical education girls prefer to perform exercises that contribute to the formation of a figure, for example, gymnastics against volleyball.