In China, several scientists conducted a sensational experiment

They decided to test the myth about the dangers of computer games on the child's psyche. The experiment involved 5 schoolchildren at the age of 13. For the experiment, Chinese scientists have chosen the most bloody games: GTA 4, Prototype 2, Mafia 2, Assassins creed 4, Counter Strike 1, 6.

Several tests were carried out, in particular on reaction, speed of solving puzzles, tactical thinking. Also, psychological portraits of schoolchildren, their academic performance and communication with peers were compiled and reviewed in detail.

During the month, schoolchildren played 2 hours a day, alternately changing games.

A month later, tests were carried out again and the results exceeded all expectations. The kids' reactions improved, puzzle solving times increased, and tactical thinking improved slightly.

The mental state of the children was also thoroughly analyzed. And again, unexpected results. According to psychologists, children, except for one, did not show any aggression. But their communication with peers has changed a little. One subject disappeared from fear of high school students, the second became more open, the third (unbelievably but true) became interested in medieval history and became interested in literature in general. And only one subject showed a slight increase in aggression. But as the teachers said, the boy had a tendency to aggression before that.