35 men's hobbies

How about starting a new hobby? We have selected 35 worthy men's hobbies for you. We hope that something on this list will grab your attention.

1. Chess

Men have played chess for thousands of years to hone focus, critical thinking, abstract thinking, and problem-solving skills. Back in the 18th century, Benjamin Franklin wrote an essay entitled The Moral Values ​​of Chess. In it, Franklin argued that the game of chess forms “valuable qualities of the mind, useful in a person's life, which must be acquired or strengthened with its help, so that they become habits for all occasions. For life is a kind of chess ... ”. What can help you while away the time with a friend? The game that makes you better. If you don't have anyone to play with, head over to chess.com where you can play online.

2. Amateur radio

3. Reading

Men today read less and less, but there is no hobby more courageous than reading. Reading gives you access to the ideas of the great thinkers and writers of the past, making you smarter and more educated. If you enroll in a library, reading can be a completely free hobby. If you need some ideas on where to start, you can check out our list of 100 books specially designed for men.

4. Playing the guitar

5. Woodworking

We always admire men who take a piece of wood and turn it into something useful and beautiful. Such men themselves make gifts, and do not buy them, and proudly pointing to pieces of furniture in their home, say: "I did it." You can become one of them if you take up the wonderful hobby - woodworking. You will acquire not only a useful skill; many hobbyist woodworkers report reduced stress and increased patience and perseverance. Believe it or not, when you pick up an instrument and start working, you enter a state similar to Zen. Many technical schools offer woodworking classes.

6. Gardening

7. Restoration of classic cars

In the old days, men spent hours in their garages and fiddled with their cars. But as cars became more sophisticated and computerized, home car repairs faded into oblivion. However, if you really want to become a mechanic, you can do the restoration of classic cars. This hobby will allow you to gain some technical knowledge, improve your problem solving skills, and experience the sweet feeling of success when your rebuilt engine purrs like a kitten. Car restoration is an expensive hobby. Not only will you have to buy the car that you will be restoring, but also the tools and special parts. However, the time and money spent can pay off as fully refurbished classic cars sell for a lot of money (although you probably won't want to part with your brainchild).

8. Metal processing

Metal processing provides the same benefits as wood processing, only instead of the fragrant smell of sawdust, you surround yourself with a deliciously poisonous smell of burning metal. The cast iron headboards your wife wants to decorate her room with, flower pot holders and garden arches are just a few of the things you can whip up.

9. Shooting

If hunting is not your style, you can still enjoy shooting by taking up sport shooting and becoming a marksman. Shooting requires extreme concentration and a steady hand. Different clubs offer different types of shooting sports. You can choose trap shooting, pistol shooting or rifle shooting. Please note that this can be costly. Weapons cost a lot, and the cost of ammunition does not allow to show off. You will also need to find a good spot to shoot safely. If you are not sure if you are ready to spend money on a real "gun", try starting with an air gun. The basic principles and skills are the same, except that pneumatics can be used to shoot in the courtyard of a country house.

10. Collecting

Collecting is something that many men love and many women just don't understand. Women like to take on many tasks, while the male brain prefers to purposefully focus on one thing. This, as well as the primitive passion for hunting, explains the man's love for collecting. A man can spend his entire life looking for the last item to complete his collection. This becomes his obsession, the white whale. In fact, in the depths of his soul, any collector understands that he does not want to complete his collection, because the whole thrill is in pursuit of a dream.

11. Backpacking

The modern man is anxious and unhappy because he has lost touch with the outside world. Each of us should strive for regular reconnection with nature for our physical and mental well-being. Break free from stuffy rooms and spend a few days in the fresh air. Sleep under the stars, sit by the fire. Backpacking is one of the most economical ways to get away from it all. This is a great opportunity to hone the skills a tourist needs, have a good time with friends, or retire with your thoughts.

12. Ship in a bottle

Placing model ships in a glass bottle is one of the classic hobby that is widespread throughout the world. Surprise your children by showing them this miracle. They will spend the rest of their childhood trying to figure out how you did it. Placing a ship in a bottle is not an easy task that requires concentration, patience and a steady hand. In addition to ships, you can put other objects in bottles, for example, a deck of cards, tennis balls or even a Rubik's cube.

13. Hunting

For millennia, the role of men in the family has remained unchanged - to support the family. For most of human history, this task has been accomplished by hunting wild animals. In many cultures and tribes, through hunting, male qualities were instilled in boys, and men were given the opportunity to unite in a purely male company. Fast forward to the present. Most men "get" meat from grocery stores. It is usually loaded with hormones and antibiotics. If you want to reconnect with your ancestors, it's time to go hunting. The benefits of hunting are countless, here are just a few of them. First, it gives you the opportunity to provide yourself and your family with high-quality lean meat without antibiotics, hormones (and even ammonia!), Which very often end up in the meat of farm animals. Secondly, it gives you the opportunity to get back in touch with nature. Third, you will contribute to wildlife conservation because your license money will go towards funding government wildlife agencies. And fourthly, even if you don't shoot anyone, hunting is a great opportunity for developing male friendships, and this is a very important component of our happiness.

14. Fishing

Maybe killing a deer or a bear is not your style at all. But you can still get your own food on your own. These are the benefits of fishing. Fishing is a cult male hobby. This is a great excuse to get together with friends, or spend time with your dad. The fishing hobby will not cost you dearly. A decent rod and reel is unlikely to shake your budget, and you will spend even less on hooks and baits.

15. Wood carving

What if you want to start working with wood, but don't have the money to do real woodworking? Try wood carving. All you need is a knife, a piece of softwood, a rocking chair, a pipe and, most importantly, plenty of free time. Carving is one of those activities that can really help you relax and calm your mind after a hard day at work. Go to the library and take a book on woodcarving. You will find many ideas and plans to help you get started.

16. Sports

Every man, whether he is a smart guy or a complete fool, must engage in some kind of physical activity. Comparing brains to muscles is fundamentally wrong. Physical activity increases testosterone levels (which are so lacking in modern men, because the amount of this male hormone is slowly decreasing in our country), keeps you in shape, prevents depression and relieves stress. Sports in which the competitive spirit of men can find its way out are especially helpful in building and maintaining masculinity. Play soccer, basketball, or volleyball, for example. Solo sports (weightlifting, running, bouldering) also have many benefits. They provide you with space to think and help you find harmony with yourself. It doesn't matter what kind of sport it is, the main thing is that it makes the blood circulate and the heart beats faster.

17. Modeling

18. Leatherworking

The smell of leather always awakens a cowboy in a man. Leatherworking is a great way to get in touch with the cowboy that lives within each of us and learn the super-masculine craft. A skilled tanner can make many things for men: wallets, leather bags, belts, holsters, saddles. Disadvantages? This is a pretty expensive hobby. To really get things going, you need special tools.

19. Archery

Although small arms have almost completely supplanted the bow and arrow, sometimes reverting back to the old can be very rewarding. Archery allows you to use one of the most primitive weapons, which are activated solely by muscle and dexterity. This calm, concentrated activity helps to calm the mind. Despite the fact that bows and arrows are almost never used for hunting (although this, of course, is also an option), great satisfaction can be found in target shooting and practice your skill before hitting an apple on someone's head (better not try) ... A simple bow for beginners can be purchased relatively cheaply, and you can practice right behind the house, after making this area safe.

20. Martial arts

The benefits of martial arts are many: you gain self-defense skills, build discipline, improve your health, and fulfill yourself as a warrior. There are many different types of martial arts. Choose what you like best, buy what you need and find the right instructor.

21. Photography

22. Billiards

Billiards is a combination of strategy, geometry and often psychology. It's also a great way to spend time and chat with friends. If you can't convince your wife that a billiard table is a must in the house, get a company and splurge on a billiard room.

23. Mountaineering

24. Cooking

Every man should be able to cook. This skill has many benefits, the main ones being independence (no need to rely on others) and money saving (no need to go anywhere to eat or buy pre-packaged foods). This hobby will help you stay healthy (are you already familiar with fast food?), And is just plain fun. After all, we all have to eat several times every day. And of course it impresses the ladies. In addition, this is a cheap and most affordable hobby for everyone.

25. Blacksmithing

26. Piloting

Some of the most daring men in the history of mankind were those who conquered the sky. You may not be setting records, but you can soar like an eagle. Of course, the biggest obstacle to this hobby is cost. It is expensive. Piloting lessons and obtaining a license alone can cost several thousand dollars. In addition, you will need to rent a plane. Some men combine a love of piloting with a love of mechanics and build their own propeller plane. Even so, you will need storage space, so you may have to pay a monthly rent for the premises. Despite the cost, many amateur pilots say it's worth the feeling of freedom you get in the air.

27. Learning a foreign language

28. Playing cards

Men love to play cards, be it bridge, poker, preference or whist. The ideal social setting created by playing cards - restrained and relaxed, but coupled with friendly competition - allows you to chat and have a great time. Buy some treats, get the guys together and have a great time.

29. Blogging

Writing is undoubtedly a man's hobby. But blogging lends its own interesting meaning to this timeless activity. A blog can be an outlet where you can share your hobbies and knowledge with others. You can meet people from all over the world who share your interest, make friends with them, or join a discussion. You can use your blog to tell friends and family about the events in your life. It can be a kind of personal diary, a treasure trove of reflections and photographs that can be looked at over the years. A blog can also be used to promote your career and personal brand. This is the case, the attractiveness of which you understand only when you start doing it, and then you cannot stop.

30. Paintball

31. Fencing

Protect yourself! What do the three Musketeers, Zorro and Luke Skywalker have in common? Excellent swordsmanship, of course. The sport that has existed since the days of ancient Rome and Greece has always attracted a true gentleman. Join the tradition taught by the knights and lords of the past, the last form of true duel. Gain balance, coordination, flexibility and attention as you learn this ancient art. There are three different types of weapons used in fencing - the rapier, saber and epee. They all have different weights, and the rules for using them are different.

32. Drawing and painting

33. Amateur astronomy

Space. The Last Frontier. Despite the fact that you yourself are not able to visit space, you can feel its greatness and experience awe in your own backyard. You will be amazed at how much you can see in space with a small telescope or even high power binoculars. If you want to look deep into space, you need a very powerful telescope, which, of course, will cost you a pretty penny. And remember, astronomy is about more than just observing through a telescope. You need to learn as much as possible about our amazing universe from books, TV shows and lectures.

34. Adventure racing

Looking for something more challenging than a 5K race? Tired of standard marathons? Pay attention to adventure racing. They usually last all day and include various competitions. You will have to run over rough terrain for fifteen kilometers, paddle the same amount in a kayak, and then ride thirty kilometers on a mountain bike through the forest. In doing so, you must stop at checkpoints, which can only be found with the help of a map and a compass. Physical activity coupled with open nature and orientation is a very courageous activity.

35. Programming

Computer programming is as popular today as amateur radio was in the 1950s. Despite the fact that today many women are making progress in this area, programming has always been a predominantly male pastime. Many men coding very well for a living, but millions do it in their free time just for fun. Someone creates stupid online games, and someone useful open source applications or even cool web projects. There are a lot of programming languages, so you will always have something to do.

Inspired by an idea? Remember, getting started is always fun and exciting. But do not think that reaching heights is easy. You are sure to fill up the cones, but do not allow your new hobby to fade into the background and gather dust in the closet. Good luck.