The wisdom of bygone civilizations that are still applicable today

Proverbs and sayings are a very curious genre of folklore. Thomas Ful said that "a proverb is a lot of content, expressed in a few words." Indeed, we always use them in conversation. Sometimes they are a hint and advice for us on how to act in a given situation. Knowledge of proverbs and sayings helps to better understand the philosophy, traditions, habits and character of the people. In today's publication, we decided to introduce you to the proverbs and sayings of the ancient peoples.

Pashtun sayings

The camel was asked: "Why is your neck crooked?" He said, "What is my straight line?"

Hungry and the skin of a leopard looks like cakes

Two will make peace if there is no third between them

Worn silk doesn't even fit a donkey saddle

Her horns are not a burden for a goat

Don't be too sweet or they will eat

No matter how much you hit the donkey, the horse will not come out of it

The beggar has no taxes, no losses

Someone else's donkey seems stronger than his

Sumerian sayings

Desires, like God, but man has no strength

Spoiled dog becomes a puppy

Whoever feels ashamed begins to feel duty

Not the heart, but the word mother of hate Strong and proud won't get along

A shepherd should not strive to become a farmer

The king is generous, courtiers are helpful

Persian sayings

A tongue without meat, where you turn, it turns there Wealth is not in property, but in talent

Envy is to the mind - what pain to the eyes

There is no worthy word and no answer

If the stone breaks the gold cup, the price of the stone will not rise and the price of gold will not decrease.

Clay of wife and husband from one trough

The sky question is the rope answer

Who is generous does not need to be brave

The fox was asked: "Who is your witness?" - she replied - "My tail"

I don't know - and my soul is calm

The dead are not allowed to bleed

The resulting vinegar is better than the promised halva

What Khoja-Ali, what Ali-Khoja

The craft that you have learned is more valuable than the wealth of all the masters

You will understand the price of your father when you yourself take a sip from the son of grief

Work, no matter how difficult, bless it, it is your treasury

If you want to go to the mill, keep in line

When the snake gets old, the frog rides it

Assyrian sayings

Dog does not eat dog meat

Bread is taken from a downtrodden man and a dog

A tree untouched by worms will live for a thousand years

Better to be a master in a village than a servant in a city

If you are a chicken, why are you laying goose eggs?

The female sword never rusts

All human wisdom cannot fit in one head

No matter how lightly you hit the thorn, it will still sink into your hand.

There is one horseshoe, it remains to buy three more and a horse

A short man pretends to be king three times a day

The fire of the heart blows smoke into the head

Gold in the ground does not deteriorate

The bad thing comes back to the owner