Fear of stairs. Climacophobia

Menophobia is a motivated or unreasonable fear of going downstairs or underground. In the case of this phobia, we are not talking about stepladders, ship ladders or a wide variety of fire escapes, but about stairs in residential buildings or office buildings, any movement along which climacophobes are perceived as a deadly action.

Climacophobia is divided into objective and destructive. Objective occurs due to a fall from a staircase, which ended in a severe bruise or injury. The destructive climacophobia includes the fear of falling between flights of stairs, which in itself can be very absurd, considering that a 110-kilogram person is afraid to fall into a 10-cm gap.

In addition to the fear of falling from steps or between flights of stairs, there are many other reasons that cause climacophobia. For example, the fear of a woman to be raped while on an empty staircase, or the fear of a businessman who knows that killers often hide behind the pipes of garbage stacks. Or the fear of overly suspicious people to die during the ascent from a heart attack, or the thought that during the destruction of a multi-storey building as a result of an explosion or an earthquake, stairs collapse faster than other structures.

It is possible to become a carrier of climacophobia at different stages of life. Moreover, the older a person is, the more destructive are the reasons that push him to develop a similar fear in himself. But what is interesting is that staircases in old houses, inhabiting wide and deep voids that go down to wells, can cause fear in anyone who climbs or descends them, even if he has never had climacophobia before. Just like the echoing echo of your own footsteps.

It should be remembered that such a phobia is often a companion of more severe psychological and psychiatric diseases, such as psychasthenia, obsessive compulsions, paranoia, neurosis and psychosis. Therefore, if you have recorded such a fear, see a doctor, since the reasons for such fear can lie in much deeper problems than just the fear of being robbed while descending a dark staircase.

Treatment of climacophobia

As for treatment, in case of not particularly acute manifestations of climacophobia, a mood change can be useful. So for obese people, the reason for replacing the fear of unwillingness to climb the stairs can be the thought of how many calories they consume by climbing a certain number of floors. While for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, such a lift can be an excellent cardio workout. Well, any exacerbation of this phobia is treated medically and psychiatrically.