What to learn about life before thirty

This means that 2017 will end soon. (Remember January and all the things you vowed to do this year?)

Now is the time to think about what we managed to do, what we didn’t succeed - and use all the useful experience for successful promotion next year.

If you are between 20 and 30 years old, then you definitely already have such a rewarding experience, and you know that:

Nobody owes you anything.

When you were a child, you thought that you should be provided with everything: a job, a salary, you should have friends, a good family, success in life - the list goes on and on.

But when you are under thirty, you realize that in this world no one owes you anything.

Whatever you want, you must achieve it yourself.

Asking for help is not a weakness.

Not at all. This means that you are worried about the success of the business, you care. People appreciate it.

You cannot give what you yourself do not have.

Indeed, there are people who crave to be loved, but they themselves do not know how to love.

Everything depends on you.

Nobody cares about your mistakes. Everyone cares if you fail to keep moving forward.

By the age of 30, you’ve learned that admitting mistakes is a useful skill, not a weakness.

And what people really care about is whether you can take responsibility for your mistakes.

This is what makes you a wonderful member of society and a real person.

Don't be nervous. It will only make sense when you pull yourself together.

It's corny, but so true.

Aging is not a bad thing. This is a gift.

You know, not everyone has a chance to grow old.

Think about this for a second.

The two halves do not make up a whole. From two wholes, a whole is obtained.

Remember this if you are looking for a husband / wife, business partner, or closest friend. You both need to be one person before you can create something together.

Treat people with respect, even if they don't deserve it.

By the time you are 30, you are better able to deal with lingering discontent and dislike for people.

These negative emotions only harm you. Let go of anger and resentment. Be respectful. You need the same from people.

Passion does not arise out of nowhere.

It is born gradually. At first you just do something, each time you get better and better.

And in this process, you realize that you are not just doing something, but that you are doing it with pleasure.

Otherwise, you simply wouldn't be doing it.

Talent alone is not enough.

Hard work can lift someone mediocre to the top.

Meanwhile, the talent left without attention will remain undiscovered.

Time matters.

The statement "not enough time" and the statement "too much time" are both not true.

It's all relative.

Enjoy life. Don't let life pass you by.

"If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room."

That says it all.

You shouldn't be indifferent to what you do.

If you want to do something meaningful, create something special, or create a lasting relationship, you need to give it all your heart and soul.

Obligations to be met.

Many people talk about what they want to do, or will do at some point.

But very few people actually do anything.

Ultimately, those who succeed are those who are organized, who remain committed to what they do for an extended period of time.

No matter how much money you have, it will always be lacking.

Money doesn't make you happier. Choose what you like and do it.

Be prepared to fail. It hurts.

And that's okay.

All this is an integral part of moving forward. Remind yourself of this.

Your past determines your future.

Treat your past accomplishments (and failures) as important milestones that you can look back on to move on to new heights.

Making plans for the future is important, but action is even more important.

Having a new plan is great, but what are you doing to make it happen?

Talking about plans doesn't mean fulfilling them.

Numerous, albeit tiny, achievements will take you much further than major but rare victories.

Great success can be achieved in small steps if you do your day job well, improve, and get results.