Mystery of Atlantis

Today, few people have not heard the word - Atlantis. This name was overgrown with mythical legends and legends. But interesting facts about cities and countries do not tolerate fiction. We offer you a short account of the origin of this concept.

For the first time this state was reported by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato (428 BC). In his works, he mentioned the amazing island-state several times. There, according to him, lived the descendants of the god of the seas Poseidon and a simple mortal girl named Kleito. They were skilled artisans and excellent seafarers.

However, over time, they became greedy and greedy, which led to disaster. The wonderful island disappeared into the depths of the sea, leaving not the slightest trace behind.

In the Middle Ages, the theme of Atlantis was especially popular. In the 19th century, mystics and esotericists adopted this concept, and began to speculate on it.

Those who deal with the issues of the island of Atlantis are called atlantologists.

Yes, presumably the geographic location of the sunken Atlantis is the Atlantic Ocean. Of course, there are no confirming or refuting facts on this score, so nothing can be ascertained for sure. Scientists are inclined to think that this is another great mystery of history.

There are many artistic images of this mythical territory, but this is all just fiction. Interesting facts, known to us from science, say one thing: Atlantis is nothing more than a classical, philosophical myth.