Centralia - the city of hell

Centralia is a small settlement in the state of Pennsylvania. The town has existed since the end of the 18th century - coal was mined here for a long time and miners lived here. The inhabitants of Centralia felt great - until 1962, when their hometown turned into a hellish semblance of Silent Hill.

It all started with the fact that in the spring of 1962 the city authorities asked the local fire brigade to burn the garbage piled in one of the old coal mines. The firefighters complied with the request - the debris burned out, but the fire from its smoldering remains along the underground passages spread to the neighboring coal mines. So Centralia began to slowly turn into a city-hell.

The first signs of a fire raging underground were not long in coming - the townspeople began to smell the burning smell and suffer from underground emissions of carbon monoxide. In 1979, the owner of a local gas station (and future mayor of Centralia) John Coddington, while checking the temperature of gasoline in an underground storage, found that it was almost 80 degrees. A few years later, 12-year-old Todd Domboski nearly fell into a red-hot underground hole that literally split open under his feet. Its depth was 46 meters, and its width was almost one and a half meters.

At first, the city authorities tried to extinguish the underground fire - but all attempts were in vain. Now the area of ​​coal burning underground in Centralia is about two square kilometers. On some of the city's highways, huge cracks have formed through which smoke and flames come out.

Centralia has turned into a ghost town - if in the early 1930s more than 2, 500 inhabitants lived here, now their number is barely eight people. In 2013, the remaining residents filed a lawsuit against the state - each of them received $ 350, 000 and the right to stay in the burning city for as long as he saw fit.