9 weird things to do for Victorian British people

Long before the days of radio, television, the Internet, and even video games, people found joy in the world around them. In the 19th century, they loved to read and have long conversations over a cup of tea and cookies. But few people know that the people of Victorian England had other gross, disgusting and very strange entertainments. Here are 10 of these activities.

Collecting plants

Now walking in the woods in search of herbs seems like a strange hobby, but then in England it was a very popular phenomenon. They were especially fond of collecting ferns.

Shadow theater

Shadow theater is a common performance using canvas, lantern and objects of various shapes. People loved this show.


In the Victorian era, tea leaf divination, hand readings, crystal ball, and tarot cards were popular.


Taxidermy is a very creepy occupation, but people then loved it very much.

Cabinet of Curiosities

Many rich people collected strange items such as animal and human bones, heads in jars, antique weapons and much more.

Hypnosis sessions

In the past, they were very fond of mysticism and often arranged hypnosis sessions.


For some strange reason, the British loved to mourn the dead and hold memorial ceremonies. At the same time, the tradition of photographing with the dead was widespread.

Unfolding Mummy

In those days, many excavations were carried out in Egypt, and when a mummy was found, people gathered to "unfold" it.


Love for the mystical was also reflected in seances, in which the British tried to contact deceased relatives.