Secrets of the world's oceans and their features

Mankind knows very little about the peculiarities of the water element; only 3-5% of the ocean depths have been studied in percentage. There are countless mysteries in the world's oceans. He opens them gradually and reluctantly. But he nevertheless agreed to share some.

The effect, reminiscent of an underwater waterfall, can be observed off the coast of the Le Morne-Braban peninsula (state of Mauritius). There are powerful currents that create swirls of sand and silt, carried by the water along the uneven coral-strewn bottom. It seems that water streams cascade down the bottom, creating an underwater waterfall.

In the Indian Ocean, sailors have noticed for hundreds of years that there, in certain places, the water has a blue glow. This phenomenon fascinated all sailors. Only recently, in 2005, the mystery of the glow was solved. Bacteria with bioluminescent properties give the water a radiant milk effect. They are "lit" to lure marine life.

In the state of Oregon on the ocean coast there is a mysterious funnel, it is called the "gateway to the underworld." During high tides, water is poured into the depression, and, having reached the bottom, splashes out to a height of 6 meters. How the "well" appeared, scientists still do not know, no one has descended into it yet. The sinkhole is believed to be associated with underwater oceanic caves.

Sometimes during the rainy season, the coastal waters of the seas and oceans turn red. "Red tide" is formed as a result of a sharp mass reproduction of brown algae. This biomass absorbs all the oxygen, making the water uninhabitable.

Surreal ice flowers can be seen in the Arctic Ocean. They "bloom" when the air above the water becomes dry and its temperature is lower than that of the water surface. An oceanic meadow of flowers can appear right before your eyes, instantly growing flowers up to 8-10 cm in diameter.

The Bermuda Triangle is located in the Atlantic Ocean. In the Quiet, there is its analogue. The place near the island of Miyakejima is called the Dragon Triangle, it is often subject to powerful storms and storms that arise literally from nowhere. In this region, neither fish nor birds live, and fishermen try not to approach it, there are many reasons why everyone is afraid of the Bermuda Triangle, but this is another topic.

When the Baltic and North Seas meet, a clear border is formed - Haloclin, as Jacques Yves Cousteau called this phenomenon. It is associated with various "structures" of their waters: temperature, density, salinity level. This phenomenon can be observed in Denmark.

Some ocean waters are inhabited by snakes - they became underwater by coincidence. They used to be terrestrial creatures. Then, for some unknown reason, they got into the water, and hunt their victims there. Snakes can breathe by absorbing oxygen from the water through their skin. After spending several hours under water, they rise to the surface to breathe.

Huge, terrible force of whirlpools is a phenomenon characteristic of narrow straits, which are characterized by periods of ebb and flow. At the peak of these processes, waters of different directions collide, giving rise to craters that can be the site of shipwrecks.

Divers sometimes manage to encounter such an underwater creature as fire beetles, or scientifically, pyrosomes. This is a cluster of many small creatures that, when combined, can reach the size of a whale.