13 of our weird habits: foreigners wonder

"Our" habits are the habits of post-Soviet people. We were brought up and raised in approximately equal conditions, with the same opportunities.

1. The need to look good always and everywhere

Even if we go to the store located across the road, faded sweatpants with invariable "knees" will not work here. Makeup, heels, hairstyle. Oh yes, be sure to use perfume! And let this ritual take three times longer than the trip to the store itself! So what? What if someone you know meets on the way?

2. Sit down "on the track"

Sitting on suitcases near the door before leaving is a sacred thing! Well, the habit is, in principle, a good one. You can collect your thoughts and remember that you suddenly forgot.

3. Long toast

In one famous film, the protagonist said: "The toast should be as short as a shot!" And it is right. Taking the floor at the table, in our florid phrases, we go so far that we already forget everything, but for what reason did we actually meet?

4. Jokes: the more often the better!

We are used to inserting jokes wherever we go. Then he picks up one, the other, the third. As a result, we lose the thread of the conversation. So what? But we love to laugh!

5. "Enjoy Your Bath!"

And without any irony of fate. We congratulate each other after a shower. Good manners require you to wish for "light steam" not after the bath, but before. But we have our own traditions!

6. How are you? OK!

No, it's not about us. God forbid, especially on the go, to manage to ask a friend "how are you"! You risk listening to the answer in detail for the next hour and a half. "Ok" is too much. A couple of phrases would be enough. But there are those who like to tell everything in such a way that in the next six months you have no desire to ask this question to anyone.

7. We don't smile at strangers!

Often, a smile at familiar people, especially of the opposite sex, can cause interpretation to the extent of promiscuity. What can we say about strangers! Suddenly they misunderstand. Anyway, let's coast smiles for loved ones!

8. The main holiday is New Year!

We celebrate the New Year holidays on such a grand scale, as if every time is the last. And a rich table, and gifts, and round dances under the tree - all the attributes of the New Year. Surprisingly, we somehow ignore the truly important holiday of Christmas.

9. We quote and watch Soviet cartoons

To be honest, we adults still love them. Perhaps, in terms of color, they cannot be compared with foreign ones. But can you imagine what you can quote from a Hollywood cartoon? Unless to hum a melody, and even then it will not always be possible to remember. And our only one "Well, wait a minute" is a treasure trove of aphorisms!

10. Appeal to the weaker sex "girl"

It doesn't matter how old this girl is - 16 or 76! The main thing is that everyone is pleased and everyone is happy.

11. Dinner with conversations

Yogis never talk while eating. I am generally silent for watching TV with a tray of food. It is really unhealthy. Here it is necessary as Porthos: "I fight because I fight!" Yogis only eat and that's it. Can you imagine our company chewing in silence at the table? This is nonsense! We eat while talking. Then we rest from eating, talking. Then we eat again, talking. Oh, yes, more seagulls with conversations and a "road" at the door. Yes, sometimes we shout something from the window. Well we are. We just love to talk!

12. Fold the bags

Now, probably, many smiled. Poor Soviet people. For us, the appearance of plastic and plastic bags was a greeting from another, unattainable life for us. Therefore, they were treated with care, washed, dried, stored. Now, when you won't surprise anyone with this product, we have a habit of storing a bunch of sachets. Just in case!

13. Who goes to visit, he takes a gift with him!

We are ashamed to go to someone else's house empty-handed. If there is nothing, then we often prefer not to go than to “embarrass ourselves”. Well, at least something! At least a chocolate bar, but it is necessary to "make happy" the owners!

They say habit is second nature. In principle, it is not a problem to get rid of this or that habit. But if it is pleasant and does not cause problems for anyone, then why? What habits do you have?