6 most global economic disasters caused by only 6 people

If you think that one single person is not capable of causing an economic catastrophe of a universal scale, you are deeply mistaken! Just imagine that this person is drunk or sick ?!

1.How to buy 2/3 of the oil reserve in 19 hours

Ostap Bender took him everywhere in search of the coveted million. And our hero didn't even need to walk far. Well, the person did not have time to stop. Who does not happen to ... Once, an ordinary oil broker Steve Perkens did something unusual that shook the oil business for a long time. Namely, in 2009 it provoked the biggest jump in gasoline prices. How did an ordinary worker manage to do this?

We would have said: "It's not my fault, it's all vodka!" Something similar happened to our hero. 34-year-old Perkens was not satisfied with the Sunday corporate party and his soul demanded the continuation of the banquet on Monday. On Tuesday, “the client was completely ready” and the hero was drawn to exploits. How he managed to buy 7, 13 million barrels of oil in a deranged state is a mystery. (And this is 69% of all oil sold at that time!).

But the fact remains, apparently, you can't drink your talent! Everything was done "without noise and dust" in just 19 hours. The "deal" cost the buyer, neither more nor less, 520 million dollars. The mission accomplished resulted in an increase in oil prices by $ 1.50 per barrel within half an hour. This can only happen during a global economic catastrophe. The result of a drunken story: Steve Perkens was suspended from trading on the stock exchange for 5 years and fined 72, 000 pounds. We can say that he got off with a slight fright.

2 what can be done with math

It turns out not only to develop logical thinking. Imagine that you have a mathematical formula that allows you to make money easily and a lot. It is thanks to the bright head of David Lee that many people in this world sit on breadcrumbs. He was hired to calculate the probable risks of investors in the securities market.

This mathematician also derived a magic formula called "Gaussian copula function". She claims that it is completely safe to buy bonds backed by debt obligations. In other words: you put more money, you get more. And this is absolutely not straining!

All brokers in the world began to worship this formula as one, and the great mathematician was threatened with the Nobel Prize. If before the appearance of the formula, 270 billion dollars were invested in bonds, then after its appearance, in 2006 - 4.7 trillion dollars. Everything was flooded by the real estate market, the owners of which could not

pay off loans. People rushed to sell the "trustworthy" bonds, but no one needed them anymore. Thus, with the help of mathematics, a crushing blow was dealt to the economy, the consequences of which, apparently, will be disentangled for many generations to come.

3 how to break the bank of England

This is how the American billionaire George Soros did it when the national currency of Great Britain fell by a quarter. This was done with the help of a securities transaction called “short sale”. Thanks to his special instinct, speculator Soros managed to short sale 10 billion pounds in 1992. September 16 went down in the history of England as "Black Wednesday". With this adventure, George Soros earned 1.1 billion. Since then he has been called "The Man Who Broke the Bank of England".

4 how easy it is to ravage Scotland

It's incredible how you can ruin a fifth of an entire state ?! However, William Paterson managed to do this with Scotland, which forced it to unite with England. For this, our hero proposed to the Scottish government to establish a colony on the Isthmus of Panama. This canal was considered a strategic location as it connected the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Therefore, whoever controls the Isthmus of Panama controls trade.

This is exactly what the enterprising swindler understood. The Scottish Government allocated 400, 000 pounds sterling for the expedition, which was one fifth of the country's total budget. It took place in 1698 and consisted of 500 people, led by the initiator of the event and his family. However, after the settlement, some of the people began to get sick and die, and some went on the run.

At this time, the Scottish authorities, unaware of the current state of affairs, send out a second expedition of 1200 people. The new arrivals saw with horror that there was no colony at all. In addition, these plans became known to Spain, which sent warships to the Isthmus of Panama. A few years later, Scotland was forced to unite with England to patch up a financial hole. Thus, Great Britain appeared on the world map.

5 how to easily destroy the world's LSD stock

It is hard to imagine that almost all of the LSD in the world was produced by one person, the chemist William Picard. From 1991 to 2000 he directed the chemical research laboratory at the University of California. Everything was nothing until the moment when a certain wealthy merchant Gordon Skinner laid eyes on the production of the drug, who even acquired a nuclear bunker for such an occasion. It was there that the owner and the chemist organized the production of LSD on an industrial scale. Entrepreneurs got burned, as always, on trifles.

Once, squandering another tidy sum in a casino, Skiner for some reason pretended to be an Interpol agent and was immediately arrested. Sensing that he smelled like fried, Picard tried to pull his legs along with the entire supply of the drug. However, he did not manage to run far, since his accomplice began to actively cooperate with the police. The latter, however, came out dry, but the chemist was given a life sentence. The government proudly announced the destruction of 90% of the world's LSD stock.

6 how to start a bank panic

There is never a lot of money - the successful entrepreneur Augustus Heinze decided, and with his brother Otto developed a plan for further enrichment. Having copper mines, the brothers decided to play in the financial market with the help of the strategy of "squeezing out short positions". First, the illusion of falling stocks is created, then these stocks are quickly bought up and inflated in price.

That's the whole scheme. The brothers' stock soared from $ 39 to $ 60. But, as they say, for one force there is another force. This unknown force, with the help of all the same means, brought down the shares of Heinze enterprises, which fell in price by 85%. This gamble triggered a chain reaction of bankruptcies known as the 1907 Bank Panic.