Do you consider yourself an intelligent person? Here is a list of things you shouldn't do.

What Makes Every Individual Smart? Are you the one who has the unique ability to hold an unrealistic amount of facts in your head or has a high IQ? However, some people don't need this. They take their toll at the expense of exceptional wisdom in making decisions at the most crucial moment or derive the maximum benefit from the most ordinary situation.

As you can see, there is no single criterion for the concept of "smart person". And sometimes this concept is closely intertwined with the word “successful”. When a person has the opportunity to apply various combinations of available combinations in life and skillfully predict events, he will certainly become prosperous. As you can see, the secret of achieving success does not have a specific formula, for each person it has its own. Therefore, if you really want to be successful, it would be more reasonable to talk about the things that smart people never do. If you can get around all these negative things, everything else will follow naturally.

Don't overlook the opportunity to save

If you think that rich people do nothing but waste their fortune, you are deeply mistaken. The mighty of this world are prudent about every ruble, dollar or euro earned. However, in this matter of economy, it is good to use the principles of prudence and not go to the other extreme. Savings should not be total, turning into greed or stinginess.

In order to control your own finances, it is enough to save yourself from unplanned and unnecessary expenses. You will be surprised when you find out how much money a person spends on meaningless expenses. Also learn not to pay twice for certain types of services. Instead, fully implement what you have. So, for example, having high-speed Internet, you can easily refuse cable TV.

Don't rely on others

Of course, each of us needs close people who can always be relied on in difficult times. However, listening too much to other people's opinions is fraught. This completely deprives a person of his own strength. And a smart person never scatters energy. In other words, it is not enough to have a brilliant mind and an innate intellect. You need to know how to put all this into practice.

Discard incompetent and envious advisers and do not listen to other people's opinions once again. Even if you feel you need help, first look at the situation from a different angle. Use the services of strangers only if your problem is truly insoluble.

Don't act irresponsibly

Smart people from time to time allow themselves to relax, if the situation requires it, they joke and have fun. However, they always know where that fine line is, beyond which one cannot cross. Irresponsibility implies total permissiveness, licentiousness and disorganization. If a person strives to be effective, he appropriately takes over control from the parent organization, and is also aware of his responsibilities. Smart people know how to avoid unpleasant situations associated with irresponsibility.

Don't be afraid to change your decisions or revise your beliefs.

Our perception of the world cannot remain unchanged. At each time interval, we are faced with certain external factors: parental upbringing, education, various life situations. Throughout his existence, a person acquires beliefs, principles, and also models his own vision of the world. This does not mean that we cannot reconsider priorities, say, a year after some event. If during this time external factors influence the person properly, then his point of view can be changed. An intelligent person is sure that this state of affairs does not mean a manifestation of weakness.

Don't dwell on your failures.

Sometimes an idea seems to us to be absolutely masterpiece, but other people see it as ordinary. Well, how many people, so many opinions exist. It is impossible to please everyone. Therefore, it is necessary to soberly assess the situation, derive benefits from it in the form of experience and boldly move on. Feelings of humiliation or shame quickly pass. This is really unpleasant, but no one is immune from this. And even if you mistakenly committed this or that act, you should not constantly reproach yourself for it and wind back the time in your head. What has been done cannot be returned. Just start over from scratch. You will see, you will do much better.

Don't live in the past

Wise people say that you cannot enter the same river twice. Weren't you taught that time is divided into three categories: the well-forgotten past, the real present, and the uncertain but bright future? Moving forward along the time axis, we cannot afford to look back. Moreover, we cannot afford to make things from a past life dominate or persecute us. If past experience can no longer bring benefits, then feel free to throw it overboard as unnecessary ballast.

Never rely on luck alone

When solving current problems, smart people always hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. At the very beginning of our publication, we talked about the unique ability to predict events several moves ahead. This does not mean that there will be only ups in life. It is possible and necessary to hope for good luck, but only in rare cases. If you rely on "maybe", you can easily slip into banal laziness. Great people advise to rely on luck solely on a whim. A person who takes this technique for permanent armament simply stops developing.

Don't neglect details

Overall success is made up of something smaller, more detailed. This statement is especially relevant in matters of running your own business. Even by creating the best quality product and asking for the lowest price, you can still lag behind the competition. So, in the ability to sell a product, the most appreciated is the ability to influence customers and convince them. This is just one example of an important little thing, but there are others. Just create a business plan and go for it.

Feel free to learn from your mistakes

As we all know, no one is immune from mistakes. Cast aside prejudices and remove the crown of perfection from yourself. If something goes wrong in the planned strategy and a gap is formed, this does not mean that your ship will certainly go to the bottom. If you anticipate such a situation, you can patch the hole. The main thing is to keep it under control. And if you learn to learn from your mistakes, such situations will not happen again.

Don't give up your ideas under pressure from others

If you want to be a successful person, you have to be adamant at some points. If other people disagree with your ideas or decisions, this does not mean that they are right. Rely on your own intuition, be stubborn and persistent.

Don't make loud statements

Your actions mean so much more than your words. If you are overconfident in your statements, people may get the wrong idea about you. In the event that your words are at odds with the expected results, people will simply lose confidence in you.

Don't be afraid to expand your experience

Even Nietzsche said that there are no eternal facts and absolute truths. Time does not stand still, humanity is constantly progressing, and science is making progress in various fields. Every intelligent person seeks to expand the boundaries of his own experience and his own knowledge. Be aware that good evidence can easily be refuted in ten or twenty years.