The unattractive truth about attractiveness

Peer pressure, social media, advertising, and relationships with the opposite sex can all affect how we want to look. Because of this, we can begin to see our health and body in a negative light.

If the situation gets out of hand, it can seriously affect our mood and well-being.

You may be factoring in your partner's attractiveness, but recent research has determined that this may be a factor in your worldview.

The University of Florida found that your partner's attractiveness can influence how you eat and stay in shape.

However, the results of men and women in this study differ from each other.

PhD student TaniaReynolds shared with EurekAlert:

"The study found that a husband's physical attractiveness can have negative consequences for his wife, especially if she is not particularly attractive."

It found that women who have more attractive partners are more likely to diet.

Men, on the contrary: their own attractiveness and the attractiveness of a partner have almost no effect on their nutrition.

The aim of the study was to make it clear why women are afraid not to meet the expectations of their partners and how this can lead to eating disorders and other health problems.

Psychology assistant Andrea Meltzer, also at the University of Florida, added:

"To better understand why women go on a diet, the results of this study highlight the importance of adopting an approach that focuses on couples."

Previous research by AndreaMeltzer found that in most successful marriages, the wife is more attractive than the husband.

The study involved 113 newlywed couples from Dallas, Texas. They answered questions about their willingness to go on a diet.

The statements in the questionnaire with which to agree or not ranged from "I feel very guilty / guilty after eating" to "I am afraid of gaining weight."

It turned out that some women sometimes misunderstand how thin their partners want them to be.

TaniaReynolds from the University of Florida gave some tips on how to avoid this:

“One of the ways to help these women can be used by their partners: to constantly remind them that they are very beautiful and loved, regardless of weight and body type.

Or focus on other qualities that are beyond attractiveness: "I really appreciate you because you are kind, intelligent and always support me."

The researchers suggested that it would also be interesting to study a woman's attitude toward diet when surrounded by other attractive women.

"If we understand how women's relationships influence the decision to go on a diet, it will be possible to prevent the development of unhealthy eating behavior."