How to slow down the passage of time?

We have all noticed more than once that the older we get, the faster time flies: we do not even have time to really live it. Agree, it's hard to believe that 2017 is almost half behind! I remember my grandfather telling me that time flies faster over the years. Then I understood that he was right, although I did not take his words seriously. Now I do not have time to look back, as days and even weeks fly past me. We did not notice how our infinitely long summer, which then seemed to us to be an eternity, left us together with childhood.

There are several theories explaining why our time starts to go faster as we get older. The most realistic of them claims that it's all about new experiences and sensations. In childhood and adolescence, we are constantly faced with something new: the first day at school, the first trip abroad, the first kiss and first love - all these are unique moments of our life. However, it is not the novelty in itself that makes time pass slower, but the attention we pay to each first experience. We remember these moments, immerse ourselves in them without a trace and remember them much better than routine activities.

The same thing happens when you are on vacation. Arriving at a new place, (most often, a hotel), we are surprised: “only two days have passed, but it seems that four”. However, when we get used to a new place and way of life, we do not even have time to understand how our vacation ends.

In 2009, neuropsychologist David Egelman called time an "elastic phenomenon." In his opinion, the speed of time depends on our involvement in what we do. The more we focus on the moment, the longer it lasts, because we notice much more detail. This is especially noticeable when a person has an accident. People who have been in such situations say that the minutes they are waiting for help seem like eternity to them. “I remember how many years ago, I had an accident. This was my first experience of this kind. I remember how every minute dragged on until the ambulance arrived. "

Well, if we notice that time has begun to fly too fast, can we somehow influence its speed? Based on the available data, the best we can do is to consciously live every moment without losing the ability to notice the good. You should turn on all your senses as much as possible and focus on those positive moments that surround us right now. For example, on the way to work, notice a flowering tree, and if you are not in too much of a hurry, spend 30 seconds stopping and smelling its flowers.

Another great way to practice your conscious awareness of the moment is simply not to be distracted by anything while eating: to feel the taste of each bite and chew the food thoroughly. I remember I decided to attend a Buddhist seminar on this topic. At the beginning of the workshop, the guru handed a large box of raisins to the audience, telling each one to take one. Then she asked us to chew it 20 times before swallowing it. I will not say that it was easy for me, but it became obvious to me how much we are used to rushing and how much we can actually slow down if we want.

You can slow down the time simply by going out into nature: listen to birds, watch the waves (if you live by the sea), or simply engage in contemplation of what surrounds you. This activity not only perfectly calms, but also magically slows down the passage of time.

To enhance the effect, you can share your emotions and thoughts with others. Act comprehensively: concentrate on the moment, notice the smallest and pleasant details and tell your friends about your little discoveries. If you are not very sociable, you can start keeping a diary or blog, as well as taking pictures, because any frame can be beautiful. As for writing notes, here are some tips:

- write about interesting things that happened to you over the past year;

- write about which of your loved ones had children, and who, on the contrary, left this world;

- write about the achievements that you are proud of;

- write letters of gratitude to someone who has done something good for you (or for someone else);

- write about your new hobbies;

- write about any positive changes and transformations in your life.