5 winter foods to help you lose weight

Winter is traditionally a time when we unconsciously, but still gain weight. The main reason for this is more satisfying, and therefore more fatty food, which helps not to freeze immediately, as soon as you left the entrance. In addition, in the cold season, we naturally move less - even a gym membership does not help, the use of which in every possible way interferes with the weather.

Is it possible to lose weight in winter? The answer to an exciting question will please you - yes, you can. Another thing is that for this you need to properly build your diet. Here are five foods that have fat burning properties.


One of the main seasonal fruits of winter is pomegranate, which luckily contains many beneficial ingredients. So, pomegranates are rich in fiber, necessary for excellent digestion, hindered by fats and carbohydrates, and able to keep blood sugar levels stable, warning you against breakdowns and overeating. Half a cup of pomegranate seeds contains almost 15% of the daily intake of fiber, and the fruit's minimum calorie content is a nice bonus.


In winter, fresh mint leaves can still be found in supermarkets and are worth taking advantage of. Scientific experiments made it possible to say that the smell of peppermint reduces appetite by almost half, and at the same time significantly reduces the number of calories consumed per day. How to use mint? The way you like best. It goes well with any drinks, salads using citrus fruits and dairy products. By the way, some gastro-enthusiasts claim that mint will be an excellent accompaniment for hot soups.


Apart from the fact that grapefruits contain vitamin C, which is necessary for strengthening the immune system in winter, they also help to get rid of those extra pounds. Research published in Nutrition & Metabolism found that people who ate half a grapefruit between meals lost an average of 7% of their body weight, all other constant conditions. In addition to this, grapefruit helps to hydrate the body, which also stimulates the burning of fat during physical activity.


Just like oatmeal and barley, pearl barley contains a healthy dose of dietary fiber to help boost metabolism. Additional benefits of barley include beta-glucan, a special type of soluble dietary fiber. Studies have shown that beta-glucans increase the activity of immune cells and stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels (which in turn reduce cravings for simple carbohydrates like cookies and cakes). If you are not indifferent to sweets, try to cook barley not with mushrooms and onions, but with milk and fruits (it is important to boil the cereals without adding salt).

Cayenne pepper

Add a scoop of hot cayenne pepper to a chicken marinade, lobio, or morning omelet and you can help your extra pounds go away even faster. The secret is that this type of pepper contains capsaicin, an alkaloid that makes the body's metabolic processes go faster than usual. How it happens: According to the magazine Open Heart, capsaicin activates receptors that stimulate brown fat (brown adipose tissue exists in our body along with white fat), due to which the active burning of calories begins. By the way, capsaicin can also be found in other types of hot peppers, both ground and fresh.