Diego Maradona

The future star of world football Diego Maradona was born in a poor suburb of the Argentine capital - Villa Fiorito. And it happened, as it turned out later, a significant event for Argentine and the entire world football, 10/30/1960. This was the first boy in the poor large family of Don Diego Maradona.

Before Dieguito, four girls already grew up in the family, later two more boys and one girl will appear in the family. Diego's mother, dona Dalma Franco, ran the household and looked after the children, his father worked at the mill, he had to work hard and hard, but the family still lived in poverty.

Not surprisingly, the soccer ball donated to the three-year-old Dieguito has become a real treasure for him. During the day, he chased the ball around the house, and at night he put it next to him in bed. Soon he learned so much to juggle the ball with different parts of his body, not allowing it to fall to the ground, that the performances of the little prodigy were even shown on TV during the breaks of football matches.

At first, his father taught the young football lover the ability to handle the ball; he was left-handed. At the age of nine, he was noticed when selecting talented guys for the famous Argentinos Juniors club. Dieguito starts playing for the Los Sebollitos - Onions junior team. As the most productive player, he got the jersey with the number that Pele wore - 10.

Thanks to his special technique and stability, Diego Maradona quickly becomes a leader among the rest of the participants, gets the nickname "golden boy". In 1976, a few days before his 16th birthday, he played for Argentinos Juniors for the first time as a member of the renowned team.

In November, he scored the first major goal of his career. In this team, Maradona played as many as 5 seasons. It was a heavy blow for Maradona that in 1978 Argentina coach Menotti did not include him in the squad for the 1978 World Cup. The following year, the talented footballer brilliantly showed himself at the World Youth Championship held in Japan, and led the Argentine national team to victory.

In 1981, he signed a contract with another club - Boca Juniors, which became the champion of Argentina in August of the same year, which was the great merit of the talented football player. In 1982, Maradona signed a 6-year contract with Spanish Barcelona. According to the contract, he received $ 12 million. True, the Argentine Football Association allowed Maradona to move to another team only after the 1982 World Cup.

Unfortunately, this time even the participation of Maradona did not help the Argentinean national team to win the 1982 World Cup.In 2 seasons spent in Spain, Maradona played in 58 matches and scored 38 goals, participated in the Cup and Super Cup of Spain, Cup of the Spanish League, which in no small measure helped Barcelona become the winners. However, due to the injury of his "working" left leg, he had to give up many matches.

More successful was his career in the Italian club Napoli, which bought Maradona's contract with Barcelona for $ 10.8 million. Maradona signs a contract with the club on 06/30/1984. The most important and best period of his football career began. Over the seven seasons spent at Napoli, Maradona led the previously unseen team to tremendous success. They won: 2 Scudettos, the UEFA Cup in 1989, the Italian Cup in 1987 and the Super Cup in 1990.

If you love sports and want to keep abreast of the latest events, you can find out the results of the matches online on the football website. Maradona played brilliantly at the 1986 World Cup, playing for Argentina. For 8 years, the Argentine national team managed to win the World Cup for the second time.

Having performed in 6 matches, Maradona scored 5 goals, and received the title of the most valuable player of the tournament, respectively, and the world. Many experts called the goal he scored against the British as the most beautiful in the history of football. After he managed to score the ball with his hand in the same match, the nickname “The Hand of God” was firmly attached to Maradona. Unfortunately, in March 1991, Maradona was suspended from games for 15 months due to a positive doping test.

After serving a suspension, the footballer moved to the Spanish "Sevilla", but played there only one season. Then there were five appearances for the Newells Old Boys; shooting with pneumatic weapons at journalists, as a result of which they had to serve a prison sentence. After a year and a half break, Maradona returned to Boca Juniors, where he played about 30 successful matches. At the World Cup in the USA, Maradona successfully played 2 matches, while scoring 1 goal.

However, in the analysis of the football player, cocaine and doping were again found, which again led to disqualification. After that, there were statements that he did not quit football, attempts to return to the team, but training and performances became less frequent, and the injury he received reminded of himself. 5 days before his birthday, 10/25/1997, he made his last appearance as a Boca Juniors player against River Plate.

The brilliant football player who has conquered millions of human hearts, the best player of the century, Diego Maradona, officially announced his retirement from football on his 37th birthday.