How and why read more?

Why read? For fun, of course. Interesting characters and an exciting plot, instantly immersed in the book and addictive.

But beyond that, there are many more reasons:

Knowledge. In order to begin to understand any area more than others, it is enough to read 10-20 books devoted to it. To become an expert in this area, you need to read 200 or more books.

Development. Unlike watching television, leisure activities such as reading require mental effort and make the brain work.

Self improvement. The books are packed with tips, inspirational ideas, and wise thoughts to help you improve your life.

Awareness. What is happening in the world? How did this world come about? Who inhabits it? Why are we made the way we are? Books can give you answers to all your questions. Agree, this is much more important than another celebrity scandal that television will tell you about.

Power. Knowledge is power. You cannot change what you don’t know, you cannot convince someone without knowledge, you cannot reason without knowing enough. Ignorance drives you into a frame, makes a person limited.

Erudition. Reading classic works of literature gives you the opportunity to understand what the interlocutor means when referring to Hamlet or Onegin, for example. You can quote great writers yourself.

Literacy. When you read, you remember how phrases in sentences are built, learn new words, see different speech patterns and your speech becomes clearer and more literate.

Imagination. You’re probably visualizing what you’ve read in your head. This is a great workout for your imagination. Outlook on life. Sometimes you need to look at familiar things from a different angle. Books will help you do this.

There are many more reasons to read more, but how do you accomplish this?

How to read more?

Create a ritual. The main reason people stop reading is the lack of time. Set aside at least 15-30 minutes a day and you can read 20-30 books in a year. If you are too busy during the day, read before bed or when you wake up.

Do not abandon the book you have started. Trying to read several books at once is a waste of time. When you start reading a book, do not be distracted by others until you have read it to the end. Otherwise, complete confusion and confusion will begin in your head. Characters, plots, times and events will mix. You have enough time ahead to finish one first and then start another.

Carry the book with you. Don't have time to read? It only seems so to you. During the day, you are given a lot of opportunities to read a couple of pages: when you are traveling in public transport, waiting for a friend, sitting in line. If you always have a book with you, not a single second of your life will be wasted.

Use audiobooks. Many books have audio versions. You can listen to them at any time and even when you are driving somewhere or walking.

Watch the film adaptation. If you like to lie in front of the TV and watch a movie, choose the film adaptation. If you like a movie like this, you will definitely want to read the book and do it.

Ask for opinions. Ask your friends for recommendations of interesting books. If someone manages to intrigue you, you will read the book and can share your impressions with your friend.

Learn speed reading. Many are against this system, but you can try. It is possible that speed reading will suit you.